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Online: Live Classes or Recorded Classes
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Online: Live Classes or Recorded Classes? Which one is good for me? In our previous blogs “The world of Online Learning” and “Online learning – how to make it work for you“, we discussed how enriching and useful it could be for learning online. Today, we will discuss Live Classes and Recorded Classes.

For instance, we find two types of online learning today – Live classes and Recorded classes. Live classes happen over Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom, for examples. On the other hand, YouTube provides one of the richest learning media for recorded learning material. Most of the time, we go to YouTube to learn whenever we have time and space. On the other hand, Online Live Classes happen as per the schedule published. So the question comes, which one should you opt for better and effective learning?

To demonstrate, lets see what are the benefits of Live classes and of recorded classes.

Benefits of Live Classes:

Live classes are beneficial and effective when you want to:

  1. Learn with the trainer.
  2. Discuss preparation and strategy on the subject.
  3. Ask questions and clarify doubts.
  4. To have a focused and timely approach.

benefits of Recorded Classes:

Recorded classes are useful when you want to:

  1. Learn standard and structured content (like English Grammar and Tenses).
  2. Clear the concepts behind standard content.
  3. Practice more often.
  4. Watch the videos when you have time and wherever you are.

Therefore, both the Live Classes and Recorded Classes have their advantages, and it is up to you to decide. Most of the time, recorded content helps you cover the basics, but the Live Classes help you interact with the trainer and solidify learning to achieve your objectives.

All in all, once you have decided to learn a subject, you should evaluate your current grasp on the subject and then decide if Online Live Classes will help you or Recoded Classes.

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