Good To Excellence is an ONLINE training institute that offers a variety of courses for preparing for the English Proficiency Test and English language training at various levels. We prepare students for international English language proficiency examinations such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the PTE (Pearson Language Tests), and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). Established in 2013 by two highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers, Good To Excellence has become a household name for those looking to travel abroad for higher education, a job opportunity, or to improve their communication skills.

Additionally, we have courses on soft skill development and personality development, as well as corporations that have taught the working intelligentsia the art of professional communication over the years, including communication with seniors, colleagues, and juniors.

Archana Kalele

Founder & Coach - Good To Excellence

Archana Kalele“Our passionate, dedicated, and committed team is committed to providing you with comprehensive learning programmes that will help you improve your skills. Our goal is to assist you in elevating your standards from Good to Excellence. Our mission is to provide high-quality training to every student who needs to overcome the barrier of English communication in order to succeed. We do not want our students to waste valuable time travelling to the centre, so we reach out to them through online offerings.”

Archana, our founder, states, “First and foremost, we take pride in providing high-quality training, as evidenced by the positive reviews we receive. Second, we provide training because it is something we are passionate about. We offer a variety of language courses, competitive exam preparation, career-oriented courses, soft skills development, and personality development. These post-secondary courses benefit both students and professionals. They assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills that are not typically available in a traditional college setting. Most importantly, the vast majority of our students have improved their grades and are now successful. The testimonials received over the years from such students are noteworthy. These are unquestionably proof that we strive to maintain the highest training standards and an open culture for the benefit of our students.”

“In addition to general education, our training institute offers online courses in business and professional development. Soft skills, personality development, and corporate employee training are all examples of such courses. You gain confidence as a result of these courses. We prepare our students to land their dream job or advance to the level of promotion they deserve. The finishing school concept enables all students to acquire the skills they may have missed while pursuing formal education or working.”

“Therefore, whether it is students fresh out of college, working professionals, professionals desiring to work or further their education abroad, housewives, or individuals desiring to develop their soft skills and personality, “Good To Excellence” offers unique courses to meet their needs.”

Our Mission

Our Travels

December 2020

YouTube Channel Launched.

November 2020

Good To Excellence goes completely online.

January 2017

IDP – The authorised IELTS test takers appointed us as a partner.

January 2016

Joined Pearson Test Of English Academy as a valued partner.

July 2015

Expands into a much larger training facility, complete with a modern set-up and audio-visual practise room. Corporate training has commenced.

May 2013

Establishment of the first training centre to provide classroom and individual training.

January 2011

Students begin independent training from their homes.