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Good To Excellence (G2E) is an online training institute with the mission of positively impacting each student’s life and guiding them from Good to Excellence. Our motto is “Come, Learn, Excel,” which embodies the values of “Good To Excellence.” We prepare students for international English language proficiency examinations such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the PTE (Pearson Language Tests), and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). 

Additionally, we offer specialised training courses ranging from basic to advanced levels in areas such as language, career, communication, and development that are particularly pertinent to today’s generation. Apart from these online courses, we also provide corporate training to company employees, either on-site or via webinar. As a result, these training courses will provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build your path to excellence. It is our experience and conviction that these are the areas that will become increasingly important as your professional career progresses.

Best ONLINE Institute offering English Fluency Courses for students, homemakers, job seekers, and professionals

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“Good To Excellence” is an online training institute committed to providing high-quality instruction critical to your overall personal, professional, and social development. We currently offer courses to speak fluent English, and English proficiency exams IELTS. 

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HENCE as linking word | Transition Words, Linking Words, Connectives

We continue today with our lessons on “connectives” or “transition words”. We’re going to discuss another word belonging to the cause and effect – HENCE as linking word. Let’s see what we are going to learn (i) as a linking word or transition word, (ii) as an adverb and (iii) Grammar and punctuation. We will also discuss a similar word HENCEFORTH

Respect phrases | With Respect to, In respect of, With all due Respect

They say that nothing can be achieved without RESPECT and how true this is. In Today’s video, we will see Respect phrases | With Respect to, In respect of, With all due Respect. In our everyday lives respect plays a vital role not just in our behaviour but also in the language we use. We use the word in certain set phrases, both written and spoken, to convey a tone of formality in addressing someone.

Allusion Illusion | How to use Illusion, Allusion | Good To Excellence

So what is the difference between Allusion Illusion and Disillusion? That’s kind of confusing. Watch this video Allusion Illusion | How to use Illusion, Allusion and I will clear all your doubts. This video includes the meaning, grammar and uses of Allusion and Illusion. And remember, there are two quizzes too, for you to attempt and improve your vocabulary and English.




IELTS introduced the computer-delivered test to make it convenient for
the candidates, comfortable with computers and who want results faster.
The standard and difficulty level of the test remains the same. The
candidates will have a different test experience, but the question types, the
time allocated to each test part, content and test format do not change for
both types. It is a myth that anyone test type is easier than others.
Read more about it on

IELTS examiners are certified and trained to evaluate the test papers. They
have strict criteria and a marking system; therefore, the score does not
depend on the location.

The preparation time may vary from candidate to candidate. However, for
the candidates whose English language level is already B2, that is, upper
intermediate level, one month of focussed preparation time is enough. We
test our student’s level of English during the counselling session and
decide their preparation time accordingly.


No. Both need the same skill sets.

The test is valid in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, The USA, Canada

Australia and New Zealand: Study Visa, work visa, state sponsorship, Permanent residence

United Kingdom: Study Visa, work visa.

USA: Work visa and recognized by a number of state nursing boards for registration

Canada: Study Visa


The countries where TOEFL is accepted is – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The UK, Europe, and The USA

Australia and New Zealand – Study Visa, Post-study Work Visa, skilled migration

The UK – Study Visa

Europe – Study visa, long-stay visa or residence Permit

The USA – Study Visa

We teach you the strategy to approach the questions.

We work on your vocabulary, academic writing and comprehension skills. Also, we give you the appropriate language that is expected of you in a TOEFL test.


The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, or CELPIP, is an English language assessment tool which measures listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. The test is administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises., a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia

CELPIP testing centres are currently available in 11 countries. Additional locations are constantly being added. CELPIP is available in the following countries: Nigeria, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, India, China, the United States of America, and Canada. Visit this page to learn more about testing centres.


This is a question that, I believe, arises in everyone’s mind. Our response to this question is that Good To Excellence classes are available to assist you. For instance, one can learn to sing by carefully listening to it every day. Still, visiting a music guru adds to his knowledge and he is knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of music. We owe a debt of gratitude to the film ‘English Vinglish,’ which elevated such classes:)

In today’s world where information is freely accessible, , one can always watch videos or read online get information on the subject. However, these classes evaluate your assignments, constantly give you feedback and measure your performance. As a result, you learn and gain confidence to use the language.

All right, we agree with you! Because when you first began speaking your native language, you had no prior knowledge of grammar. Indeed, you lack detailed knowledge of your language’s grammar at the moment. However, we are overlooking two points: first, you have been learning your mother tongue since birth, and thus it is your natural language; and second, whenever you made a mistake, those around you corrected you. They may have laughed at you, but because you were small, it had no effect on you. Consider how you will feel if someone corrects you or laughs at you in public.

That is why we must undergo a language learning process in which we, at Good To Excellence, cover all aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

This question is not only asked by students, but also by mothers of school-aged children who wish to help their children improve their vocabulary.

In our Good To Excellence classes, we teach you how to improve your word bank and give you plenty of practise doing so. If you prefer to do it without our assistance:), no problem; we recommend that you read and collect unknown and unfamiliar words and go over them each night before bed.

My counter-question to you is this: ‘Can a singer perform onstage immediately after graduating from music school?’ Alternatively, ‘Is it possible for anyone to hit a century without practise?’ You must continue practising. Now that you have all the tricks in your bag, the question of how and when to use them will arise through practise.

Course Fee & Discounts

We recognise this sentiment and your expectation. That is why we have worked to keep our fees competitive in comparison to the high quality of training we provide and the support we provide during and after the course. Each month, special offers are made to entice early-birds to come and register. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the reduced fees. To take advantage of early-bird specials, contact our office and register for the course by paying the full, discounted fee prior to the start of the course.

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