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It’s natural to have concerns, seek answers, and then feel satisfied before proceeding. While we strive to address each student’s questions about courses, content, and expectations during counselling and throughout the teaching period, we also strive to compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers for the audience’s benefit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams are administered professionally in countries where English is not a native or primary language. It has developed over time and adheres to strict standards. As a result, do not take the test lightly. If you wish to achieve a high score and accomplish your objective, diligent and elaborative study and preparation are required. Depending on who you are (as described below), you should make significant efforts to succeed.

IELTS covers 4 skills, viz. Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. At Good To Excellence, we cover all these 4 skills, viz. Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Generally, you have four to five years of work experience and wish to immigrate. Then your first step will be to obtain a specific IELTS band. According to you, it’s quite simple because you’ve been dealing with people from various backgrounds in English for the last four to five years. By writing emails in the office, you can boost your confidence even more. Without a doubt, it’s beneficial to have a higher level of confidence; however, don’t forget to prepare for this test. Whenever necessary, seek professional assistance with your IELTS preparation, as we have seen numerous complaints about the IELTS’s strict correction methods. We would argue that once an attempt is lost, it is lost; there is no point in blaming the system.

We recommend taking the IELTS test at least seven–twelve months prior to the start of your course/job in another country. This is because if you do not achieve a passing grade on your first attempt, you will have ample time to prepare for your second attempt without wasting any time. The IELTS score card is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Indeed, it is. Where English is not the native tongue, all applicants, including nurses, must take IELTS. We want to reassure you that this is not an impossible task, but one that will require some effort. This is due to the fact that you were not exposed to the English language during your college years. As a result, you must first work on your language skills. Unfortunately, many students who enroll at Good To Excellence lack the time necessary to prepare for the IELTS test. We believe that you should allow yourself a minimum of three months to improve your language skills before the trainer can focus exclusively on coaching you for the test.

Our recommendation to you is to prepare adequately by allotting sufficient time for preparation. If you believe that paying the fees is prohibitively expensive, you are setting yourself up to lose both money (the exam registration fee for IELTS is quite high!) and confidence. We’d like to conclude by quoting a well-known proverb: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”


It stands for Pearson Test for English Academic. It is a computer delivered English language test. In this test the candidate’s English Language ability is measured to apply to Education institutions, for a work visa, or to receive permanent residence.

There are three parts of the test with a duration of three hours with an optional break of ten minutes. These three parts are:

Part 1: Speaking and writing (time duration 77 – 93 minutes)

Part 2 – Reading (duration 32 – 41 minutes)

Part 3: listening (duration 45 – 57 minutes)

The interesting part in PTE test is the skills are interlinked. For ex. Read Aloud is a task in speaking skills linked with Reading skills.

In PTE your evaluation is done by an Artificial Intelligence based tool.

You get your results within five business days.

No. Both need the same skill sets.

No. there is only academic which is accepted for both immigration and university studies.

Its validity is two years.

Most of the time you can book for the exam date a week before. But check for the availability of the date on PTE website.

No. you need to have your valid passport to book the test.

The overall score range for all the skills  is 10 – 90.  Apart from that you are also given scores for enabling skills such as grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.

The test is valid in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, The USA, Canada

Australia and New Zealand: Study Visa, work visa, state sponsorship, Permanent residence

United Kingdom: Study Visa, work visa.

USA: Work visa and recognized by a number of state nursing boards for registration

Canada: Study Visa


It is – Test Of English as a Foreign Language.  This test is designed to test the ability to understand and use English in an academic setting in America. Educational Testing System (ETS) manages the test.

The countries where TOEFL is accepted is – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The UK, Europe, and The USA

Australia and New Zealand – Study Visa, Post-study Work Visa, skilled migration

The UK – Study Visa

Europe – Study visa, long-stay visa or residence Permit

The USA – Study Visa

It is a computer-based test and measures your ability of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking English in an academic setup.  The TOEFL measures integrated skills. For example, in Several questions in the Writing and Speaking sections, you must read or listen then speak or write based on what you read and wrote.

The test score is valid for two years.

We teach you the strategy to approach the questions.

We work on your vocabulary, academic writing and comprehension skills. Also, we give you the appropriate language that is expected of you in a TOEFL test.

You will be advised to take our spoken English or Grammar classes to help you in correcting your language.

If your language is good, it is certainly possible. You just need the strategy and the right phrases which are provided at Good To excellence.

Yes, our trainers have certification from ETS – The body which conducts the test.

There is a great deal of practice provided. Only through practice and exposure to the language does one become fluent.


The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, or CELPIP, is an English language assessment tool which measures listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. The test is administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises., a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia

No. Currently, CELPIP is Canada specific test which includes Canada specific topics.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams are administered professionally in countries where English is not a native or primary language. CELPIP, on the other hand, is extremely Canada-centric. Although some differences exist, the testing methodology is very similar between the two testing systems.

Currently there are two variations of the CELPIP test. These are (i) CELPIP general, and (ii) CELPIP general LS test.

If you are applying for Permanent Residence or Professional Designations, you must take the CELPIP General test. It assesses a test taker’s ability to communicate in English through speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The test will last approximately three hours. The entire test may be taken in a single sitting.

CELPIP is a computer-based examination. It includes a personal timer and specifically focuses on word counts and spellings.

CELPIP testing centres are currently available in 11 countries. Additional locations are constantly being added. CELPIP is available in the following countries: Nigeria, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, India, China, the United States of America, and Canada. Visit this page to learn more about testing centres.

The results are available online in 4~5 calendar days after the test date.

English Language Learning old

A test is given to students when they come for inquiry which determines their level.

We give you activities and tests to monitor your progress.

It is contingent upon the subject being taught. We focus on providing practice for the concepts we teach. Activities, audio-visual aids, conversations, and presentations are used to teach.

We assess candidates’ abilities and place them in appropriate courses. However, if it is determined that the level is insufficient, it is possible to adjust it.

English Language Learning

A test is given to students when they come for inquiry which determines their level.

We give you activities and tests to monitor your progress.

It is contingent upon the subject being taught. We focus on providing practice for the concepts we teach. Activities, audio-visual aids, conversations, and presentations are used to teach.

We assess candidates’ abilities and place them in appropriate courses. However, if it is determined that the level is insufficient, it is possible to adjust it.

This is a frequently asked question by students at Good To Excellence. The answer to this question is that one month is insufficient time to significantly improve your language skills. The training time is intended to guide you and to create an environment conducive to language learning. As a result, for individuals who already possess some knowledge of the language, this one-month exposure helps to polish their skills. Students at the beginner or fundamental level require at least two months to learn and speak the language. Advanced students can significantly improve their fluency.

This is a question that, I believe, arises in everyone’s mind. Our response to this question is that Good To Excellence classes are available to assist you. For instance, one can learn to sing by carefully listening to it every day. Still, visiting a music guru adds to his knowledge and he is knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of music. We owe a debt of gratitude to the film ‘English Vinglish,’ which elevated such classes:)

In today’s world where information is freely accessible, , one can always watch videos or read online get information on the subject. However, these classes evaluate your assignments, constantly give you feedback and measure your performance. As a result, you learn and gain confidence to use the language.

All right, we agree with you! Because when you first began speaking your native language, you had no prior knowledge of grammar. Indeed, you lack detailed knowledge of your language’s grammar at the moment. However, we are overlooking two points: first, you have been learning your mother tongue since birth, and thus it is your natural language; and second, whenever you made a mistake, those around you corrected you. They may have laughed at you, but because you were small, it had no effect on you. Consider how you will feel if someone corrects you or laughs at you in public.

That is why we must undergo a language learning process in which we, at Good To Excellence, cover all aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

This question is not only asked by students, but also by mothers of school-aged children who wish to help their children improve their vocabulary.

In our Good To Excellence classes, we teach you how to improve your word bank and give you plenty of practise doing so. If you prefer to do it without our assistance:), no problem; we recommend that you read and collect unknown and unfamiliar words and go over them each night before bed.

This question prompts us to consider… Is the internet a threat to our particular type of learning centre? However, this does not scare us in the least. Because, while there are numerous tests and tips available online, they are disorganised and lack the human touch and focus that we provide at Good To Excellence.

Yes, at Good To Excellence we provide you material and give you many reference sites.

At Good To Excellence, we understand that you may require additional support following the completion of the course. As a result, we provide up to two follow-up sessions (discussion-oriented) upon request and by appointment. Additionally, at Good To Excellence, we provide a guarantee on our materials and instruction. Wherever a human being (and not a machine) is involved, lifetime support and warranty are not possible. There is a great deal that you must do in order to learn, and your effort, focus, and determination will vary from student to student.. You can also log into our website <link >where learning never stops.

My counter-question to you is this: ‘Can a singer perform onstage immediately after graduating from music school?’ Alternatively, ‘Is it possible for anyone to hit a century without practise?’ You must continue practising. Now that you have all the tricks in your bag, the question of how and when to use them will arise through practise.

Numerous students at the beginner level ask this question. Many have viewed outsourcing as a pipe dream. It’s fine, but in real life, daydreaming leads to nowhere. Therefore, be realistic and allow yourself sufficient time to learn and practise the new language. The duration varies between six months and a year, depending on the individual’s ability.

We do not encourage the imitation of any accent at our institute, Good To Excellence. We are not looking to create clones of ourselves, but rather to speak English in the English style. Therefore, students, please neutralise your accent here and practise speaking with proper stress and intonation. You should maintain a natural demeanour and speak naturally.

Batch size and class timings

We accommodate between 3 and 7 participants in each class. Each month, two batches are held, one in the morning and one in the evening. Depending on your preferences, you can choose batches. Professional classes, such as IELTS and TOEFL, also have late morning and early evening schedules. Please contact our office for additional information.

If an office has additional students or students express an interest in joining, we are flexible enough to adjust the batch size and timing requirements.

Course Fee and Discounts

The cost of courses varies according to the type, duration, and proficiency level. At “Good To Excellence,” we place a premium on educational quality. Additionally, we understand that course fees are a concern for all students. As a result, our course fees are competitive when compared to the high quality of training and support provided during and after the course.

It is situational. If your requirement is less than what the course covers, you may be charged less. However, if your learning requirements are customised, the course fee will be mutually agreed upon.

We recognise this sentiment and your expectation. That is why we have worked to keep our fees competitive in comparison to the high quality of training we provide and the support we provide during and after the course. Each month, special offers are made to entice early-birds to come and register. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the reduced fees. To take advantage of early-bird specials, contact our office and register for the course by paying the full, discounted fee prior to the start of the course.

To be honest, this is a difficult request to fulfil. We do not offer discounts on our fees because we do not compromise on the quality of our training and learning. We guarantee that our fees are competitive in comparison to the high quality of training we provide and the support we provide during and after the course.

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