You are currently viewing Online Learning: The Death of the distance

Online learning is removing the distances. This is as if it is the death of the distance.

In the last blog post, ARE YOU LEARNING ONLINE? we discussed each one of us can adapt to online learning. This can be an extraordinarily enjoyable and productive way to learn. The options to learn online have been increasing because of everywhere access to the Internet by all of us.

Years ago, renowned author Frances Cairncross, wrote a book –

The Death of Distance: How the Communications Revolution Is Changing Our Lives – Distance Isn’t What It Used To Be – By Frances Cairncross.

The author had predicted that with the increasing use of communication technologies, the physical distance between us would start diminishing.

Therefore, you all see it – with the increasing use of the Internet, we are in a world where everything is available at the fingertip on our mobiles, laptops and other internet-enabled devices. Today we can order food, medicines, and we can do shopping on our mobiles. We are getting deliveries of a variety of things to our home. The Work-From-Home concept has come to life because of the Internet.

Encourage Online Learning

It is now evident that the use of the Internet and enabling technologies would increasingly become common practice. This will result in affecting our lives in every way. Education is not different from this. Today, schools and colleges are conducting classes online. Universities are conducting convocations online. Moreover, parents are encouraging their kids to learn online. This ensures that our learning continues to grow every day.

With the Internet and online learning, the distance has died. Today everyone can take best possible education online. It doesn’t matter where the trainer or teacher is. The trainer can be in the south of India and students can be from all over the country. With the Internet, distance has got no meaning. As a result, you can choose trainer and training courses from across the globe.

Therefore everyone should embrace online learning. It is fun, it is interesting, it is productive and it is far-reaching. There is nothing to worry about. It is safe and it will change the way training happens and knowledge grows.

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