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Can we learn in online classes?

Technology is making rapid progress every day. Increasingly these technologies are affecting us – ordinary persons, students, parents, doctors, administrators, bureaucrats, states, nations. Today the Internet and Mobile phone can almost do anything that we wish; from ordering food to learning in an online class.

We hear a common question – Can we learn in online classes? Well, the answer is emphatic YES. Not only it empowers every students and educator to be more efficient and productive, but it can also make our understanding profound.

With the advent of e-learning software like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom etc. it is now possible to connect to an e-learning class from anywhere, participate in the study, ask questions, get clarifications and understand as well as attend to the assessment. Therefore learning online courses have become a substitute for the old-style classroom classes.

With increasing importance on health and safety and to remove the physical distance, learning in online classes are empowering students to choose the right subject and right courses anywhere on this planet. Distance is losing its importance, and collaboration is taking precedence in learning.

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