Hello again. As promised we are back again with question types of PTE examination. If you want to know about what PTE exam is, please refer to our earlier post HERE. First of all, let us have a look at the speaking test, shall we?

PTE Speaking Test

pte, pte exam, speaking test, good to excellenceOne important thing you must remember throughout the speaking test is that you should not take a pause of over 3 seconds or else the microphone will close, and you will not be able to answer the questions.

The first question in the speaking test is the introduction which is not assessed. This is mainly for the universities to get to know the students. Here you will be asked to introduce yourself and talk about your interests, why you want to study etc. You can choose one or more of the options given and prepare for 30 seconds and speak for 30 seconds after the microphone opens.

The assessment starts with the next question that is –

Read Aloud

In this question type, a passage appears on the screen. You have 40 seconds to read and 40 seconds to speak. There are 6 or 7 questions of this type.

How We Train You

Pronunciation and Oral fluency are what is under test in the speaking test. We train you in sentence stress, give you tips on how you can maintain fluency and also tips on intonation. We give you a lot of practice in reading if that is what you need to improve.

Repeat Sentence

The next question is repeat sentence. You listen to a sentence of 10~12 words. Then you repeat it exactly as you heard it. Thereafter you will get 10~12 such questions. Some students find it a little challenging.

How We Train You

We give you definitive tips on different ways of remembering the sentences.

Describe Image

In this question type, you get an image on the screen. It could be any kind of graph, a picture or a scenery, you get 25 seconds to read the image and 40 seconds to describe it. There will be 6-­‐7 of these questions.

How We Train You

You are expected to use specific words and phrases to describe it. We give you the language that you should use for this and the structure that you should be following.

Our next blog will deal with the rest of the questions of the speaking section. Adieu till then.

Bina Biliya