Preparing for PTE Speaking Test (contd)

This week we are going to look at the rest of the questions of the PTE speaking test. But before that let’s look back at our earlier articles.

pte, pte exam, speaking test, good to excellenceGood To Excellence is Pearson recommended training institute for preparing PTE academics exam. If your interest is to appear for this exam, it is good to read our earlier blog article What PTE exam is about.

Last week we took you through the first three questions of the speaking test of PTE academic. If you missed reading that article, you should first read Preparing for PTE Speaking Test before reading this article.

Now, let’s cover rest of the questions of the speaking test.

Re-Tell Lecture

Here you listen to a lecture of about one – one and a half minutes. Once the microphone opens, you have to give a summary of the lecture in 40 seconds. This question type tests your ability to identify the main idea and the supporting ideas of the lecture. This is a mini presentation.

How we train you

We teach you how to identify the main and the supporting ideas. We also give you clear tips on note taking which is an important aspect of PTE test. This takes a lot of practice. We train you to organize your speech coherently.

Answer Short Questions

This question type tests your general knowledge. You are asked a question sometimes accompanied by a picture. You do not need to answer in full sentences. Just one-word answers are accepted.

How we train you

We give you definitive tips on improving your general knowledge. You also have access to our question bank.

Summary of PTE Speaking Test

That brings us to the end of the speaking section that tests your ability to reproduce what you have seen or listened to, under the time constraint. Your scoring happens on content, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and oral fluency.

How do I develop my speaking skills you might ask. Well, you could improve your English by using the language as much as possible. Look out for opportunities to speak in English. It is only with the use of the language does the fluency improve. This is one of the reasons why the language test results are valid only for two years. If you are not in constant touch with the language, you tend to forget it. So our advice to you is to keep speaking in English.

We will bring you one more skill next week. Have a great week. Bye bye till then.

Bina Biliya