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Today, we will discuss how to Learn English from our YouTube Channel. In our previous blogs, we discussed how and why online English learning is important in these times. So what is Good To Excellence doing about it? Well, we are for this cause of learning English online, and we are going to help you systematically.

Good To Excellence started its YouTube channel a couple of months back. You can see our growing YouTube channel by clicking the link. Our missions have been to provide easy to understand and practice English Communication videos and tips to learn quickly. Watching our videos and practising will help you improve your English steadily. Therefore, I request you to visit our YouTube channel now, subscribe. We now publish two videos every week so that there is enough for you to watch, listen and practice to improve your English Communication.

Good To Excellence YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel of Good To Excellence

Our YouTube Channel is divided in to 3 playlists currently. These playlists are –

  1. Vocabulary Magic – in this playlist, we publish commonly used vocabulary words. Some of these words are sounding similar but have different meanings. And some words have the same meaning. The videos give you examples and usage patterns for easy learning.
  2. Basic English Course – This course is good for you if you want to start speaking English. There are 9 modules, and few will be added soon.
  3. English Phrases – We give you some of the good and interesting English Communication phrases that will enrich your English Communication.

Therefore, you can view our videos to Learn English from our YouTube Channel. There will be more playlists added to our channel in the coming weeks. For this reason, we recommend you to subscribe to our channel, and you will be notified by YouTube when we release our next video. This will help you constantly get newer content.

For example, take a look at the video below. Here I explain how to use and when to use words “can” and “able to”. This is a common mistake to use both together. So after going through this video, you shall be able to use the words “can” and “able to” appropriately.

In other words, subscribe to our channel and get 2 videos every week for mastering English Communication. Good To Excellence offers many online courses. You can check these courses HERE. You can call us and discuss with our trainer your specific needs and we can best suggest you a suitable course. Once you have joined, it is our promise that we shall upskill you.