Preparing for PTE Listening Test

pte, listening test, pte listening test, pte exam, good to excellenceHello all, To continue with our blog on PTE Academic, we bring you the last part of the PTE Listening Test. We introduced the first three question types in the last blog. Today we are going to look at rest of the tasks, first of which is to highlight accurate summary.

If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics – (1) What PTE Exam is about, (2) Speaking Skill Test Part 1, (3) Speaking Skill Test Part 2, (4) Writing Skill Test, (5) Reading Skill Test, and (6) PTEListening Skill Test Part 1. Do visit these pages to gain more.

Highlight correct summary

PTE Listening tests your ability to understand, analyze and identify the most accurate summary of the lecture. Here, you will listen to a lecture. You are given 4-­‐5 options of the summary of the lecture. Test expects you to highlight the correct summary.

How we train you

We give you definitive tips on how main ideas and supporting ideas can be identified. The next question type is Multiple choice choose single answer

Multiple choice choose single answer

This is similar to multiple choice choose multiple answers. The difference is that you need to select only one option.

Select the missing word

This type of question tests your ability to predict what the speaker is going to say next, based on the clues in the lecture. The last sentence of the lecture is incomplete. You need to complete the sentence using the options given. There may be one word or a group of words.

How we train you

We train you to identify sequencing of information and predict how the speaker may continue.

Highlight incorrect words

This tests your ability to identify errors in a transcript and also match the text with speech.

The transcript of the lecture appears on the screen. But some of the words in the transcript are different from what you hear. You are required to highlight such words. It may seem easy.

However, a word of warning. This question type has negative marking.

How we train you

This is based entirely on your co-­‐ordination of reading and listening skills. Hence we give you tips on enhancing your listening skills.

The last task in the test is write from dictation

Write from dictation

In this test, you will hear a sentence of about 10-­‐12 words. You have to type the sentence exactly as you heard it with correct spelling and punctuation. During the tests, you may get 3-­‐4 such tasks.

How we train you

We give you tips on memorizing and reproducing.

Summary of PTE training:

So, friends this brings us to the end of our blogs on PTE academic. We hope it answered most of your questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us on the phone numbers given on our website.

Thank you all for your time and patience.

Our next few blogs are for those of you who are interested in appearing for IELTS exam.

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