Preparing for PTE Listening Test

pte, listening test, pte listening test, pte exam, good to excellenceHello, again friends. Last few blogs gave you information on speaking, writing and reading skills of PTE Academic. To continue with our blogs about PTE Academic, we are bringing you PTE listening skills this week.

If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics – (1) What PTE Exam is about, (2) Speaking Skill Test Part 1, (3) Speaking Skill Test Part 2, (4) Writing Skill Test and (5) Reading Skill Test. Do visit these pages to gain more.

This comes after an optional break of ten minutes after the reading section. The listening section is for 43-58 minutes depending on the number of tasks you get. There are two sections and eight item types in all. You might get two-three of each type. Now let us look at each question type.

Section one

The first section has one type of task that is summarize spoken text. The exam will judge you on your content, form, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

Summarize Spoken Text

Here you listen to a lecture of 1-1 ½ minutes and then write a summary of the lecture in 50-70 words. The time allotted for each question is 10 minutes. This is the only question type that is individually timed.

How we train you

We definitely train you to identify the main idea and the supporting ideas of the lecture. Give you tips on how to organize your summary and also on time management.

Section Two

From here the questions are not individually timed. You get 23-28 minutes to complete all the tasks in Section 2.

Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers

This is the first question type in section 2. A question appears on the screen with various options. Then You will hear a short lecture. Based on the question you need to select more than one option.

How we train you

We definitely train you to identify the answers in the shortest possible time.

Fill in the blanks

This question type shows the transcript of the lecture on the screen with a few words missing. You have to fill in the missing words. There may be 4-6 words missing.

How we train you

We certainly give you tips on how to improve your listening skills.

Information on the rest of the question types will follow shortly. Till then we bid adieu. Have a great weekend.