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How Vocabulary can Improve English? Well, once you start speaking English, you need to focus on improving your Vocabulary, grammar, and tenses. Improving them can tremendously enhance your English communication skills. You would communicate complicated thoughts efficiently and effectively to the audience in spoken and written ways.

So let’s discuss How Vocabulary can Improve English. with improving vocabulary in today’s post. As the proverb goes, “English is a funny language”. There are words that mean the same thing (almost!), and then there are words, which sound similar but have a very different meaning. Some words have the same spelling but have a different meaning when you use them differently. There are many such instances which can confuse a learner.

Good To Excellence has started the YouTube channel to address exactly this issue. We want to upload videos on such vocabulary words which will help you improve English. So let’s discuss the vocabulary improvement.

Here are some basic steps that you can follow to learn new words, gain new vocabulary and improve your English.

  1. Keep a paper, pencil or your digital notepad ready. here you would note the new words that you learn
  2. Whenever you listen or read English, be focused on capturing new words. make a note of them
  3. Look into your paper dictionary or digital dictionary (like Wordweb) the meaning of the words you noted
  4. Likewise, ensure to read correctly if the word is a phrase, verb, adverb, noun, pronoun etc. This will give you an idea about how and where to use it
  5. Note down different tense forms of the word
  6. Similarly, note down and memorise how the word is pronounced. Each dictionary will tell you the phonetics of the word
  7. Now comes the hard work. Be sure that you use all tense forms and make different sentences of the word you are learning
  8. Remember, more you write on paper, better your brain will record it
  9. Subsequently, start using the word in your sentences. This will give you speaking practice
  10. Last but not least – don’t be shy while speaking new words. It’s only with some mistakes that you would perfect the vocabulary.
  11. Watch our earlier blog about learning on YouTube HERE

It’s easy for us to write these steps, but we know these are difficult in the beginning. remember, you did not learn to ride the bicycle in one day. Similarly, you will learn vocabulary slowly but surely. We too have gone thru these steps.

To make learning vocabulary easy, Good To Excellence has created our YouTube channel and we upload 2 videos every week. Have a look at our Vocabulary Magic series where we upload videos to make Vocabulary learning easy.

Good To Excellence offer both these types of classes. You can look at our Recorded Classes on our YouTube Channel to learn the basics of English Communication. If you want to clear IELTS, PTE or TOEFL exams with high marks, you can look at our Online Live Classes too.