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Here is an opportunity – Learn from our YouTube Channel! In our last blog, we introduced our YouTube channel to you. Our YouTube channel’s vision is to spread the learning opportunities to everyone; especially to those who want to learn online and at their free time.

We are introducing many different courses and small videos via our YouTube Channel. This will help you choose what you want to learn. There is a playlist for vocabulary, for learning basic English, and then there is for polite English phrases for great social communication. More varieties to learn English and Communication are coming to our YouTube Channel soon.

Current playlists on YouTube Channel

Here are the current playlists on our YouTube Channel –

  1. Vocabulary Magic – you can learn English Vocabulary words, which sound similar and have different meaning or usage. Knowing when to use the correct word, gives power to your English Communication.
  2. English phrases for Social Skills – In this series, you can learn English Phrases that will enrich your English communication. This will give you an edge to make English Communication effective as well as impressive.
  3. Basic English – If you want to start learning English from the basic, this is your starting place. There are 6 modules and more are getting added.
  4. More modules and sections are coming soon, including complete courses to learn English Communication

Furthermore, we encourage our viewers and readers to suggest what topics they find confusing or difficult to learn. And we will make videos and learning material for you! It is a win-win for us.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel NOW. Once you subscribe, you shall get regular alerts, every Tuesdays and Fridays, about our YouTube Channel’s new video updates. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to view new videos 2 times a week.

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