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In the past weeks, we blogged about English Communication and its importance. For impressive English Communication, one must have a good vocabulary. Therefore, let’s learn vocabulary.

In our endeavour to make learning vocabulary easy, we are creating simple and easy to learn videos. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to watch each of these videos. There are examples that will make you learn the vocabulary quickly and easily. Moreover, there is an exercise/quiz also included in each video. This way, you are watching the video and learning the correct vocabulary will be stronger.

For this reason, today, we will talk about two recent videos that we released this week. So let’s learn vocabulary!

Let’s Learn Vocabulary words

Vocabulary words: Remember, Remind, Recall, Recollect meaning

The first video is about memory words – Remember, Remind, Recall and Recollect. Click on this link to watch the complete video. These 4 words have a similar meaning – to bring back some event from memory. We often use these words to express and tell events and things to bring back from our memory and tell others. After watching this video, you will learn these vocabulary words correctly. Therefore, see a short video here below.

In this video, you shall learn about these four memory words and their correct usage (in different tense too). With the exercise, you will get to attempt the questions to test your learning in the end. Watch this again till you are sure that you have mastered these words.

When to use Their, They’re, and There

Our second video released this week on learning vocabulary is about three words that sound similar, but their spelling and usage are quite different. Such words, which sound similar but have a different meaning, are referred to as “Homophones”. These three words are – Their, They’re and There. Click on this link to watch the complete video. Most importantly, we use these three words so often in our daily communication. Thus, it is essential to know the correct meaning, usage (in different tenses), and when you should use them. After watching this video, you will learn these vocabulary words correctly. Click on the sample video below. The complete video is available on our YouTube channel.

To make learning vocabulary easy, Good To Excellence has created our YouTube channel, and we upload 2 videos every week. Please look at our Vocabulary Magic series, where we upload videos to make Vocabulary learning easy.

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