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It was 2 months back when we published our last blog, “Let’s Learn Vocabulary“. Since then, we have been working on many items that would refresh our training resources. These training resources include our training approach, training courses, our website giving more information, an online payment facility and more videos to our students.

As you all know, these are difficult times. The way we do any work or learn has changed dramatically in the past year. The spread of Covid and actions thereafter meant that we look out for doing work differently and possibly more efficiently. Most of us discovered how work from home could be rewarding as well as challenging. Home is no more a place to relax! It has also become a place to work and possibly take the stress 😊. It has also become a place to take more training to enhance personal and professional self. Hence there is an increasing need for refreshing training resources.

Whether it is work-from-home (WFH) or learn-from-home(LFH), video has emerged as the most powerful medium. No doubt, video is now prevalent in every aspect of our life – news, information, entertainment, office work, chat, learning tutorials etc. Video is available to us on all devices too. The Internet has become the ‘necessity of life after, say Roti-Kapda-Makan (Food, Clothing, Shelter). Without the internet and phone, most of us would feel lost!

User Experience

To enhance the training experience, we took time to plan and implement measures towards refreshing our training resources. We took measures to give you:

  • A newly designed website. New and fresh look and feel. Our new website also gives better information on our training offering as well as simple navigation.
  • Concise information under each page. Whether you are watching this on desktop or mobile, you can now scan most of the focused content.
  • Video snippets on the home page. We release 2 videos every week on our YouTube channel. You can now see the preview of these videos on the home page of the website. You can click and then watch the full video on YouTube.
  • Improved testimonials by our students. I am sure you would like to know the reviews and comments by our students before you decide on opting for our courses.

Few of the new features that would come up soon are:

  1. Online payment gateway. Now paying the fee for the training is easy as ever. Directly pay for the courses from our website and instantly get the receipt. That also means one can watch out for offers that keep coming every month.
  2. Like checklists, infographics to learn, etc., important information and documentation will soon be available for viewing and download.
  3. New online training resources by structured video library for Basic and Intermediate English communication.

Latest video release

This week we also released a new video to learn about the difference between Capital and Capitol. You can watch this video by clicking below. And sure, we have many videos available on our YouTube Channel on vocabulary, English Phrases for communication, Transition or Linking words, English Grammar and many more. So do visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay current with the new videos that we release every week.

See you soon next week with more topics to discuss. Stay tuned, Stay home and Stay safe!