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This is a confusing question about the level of English. There is no way one can define the levels of English because it is subjective. It also depends on the geography that you live in and your purpose in using English. Therefore, it is difficult to say how good is your English communication. Right? Well, you must first understand the “levels” that I talk about.

Levels of English

  • Basic Level: I can say that at this level, you know basic English. You can read signboards, attempt to read the newspaper, roughly understand what is being said, and attempt to answer the question in one or two words. That’s it. You probably would be poor at writing English. (Read more about our Basic English Classes)

But it is ok to have this level because probably you don’t need anything more. It is, however, also possible that you want to have more English because you feel that it would give you a fair advantage in you securing a job, your business, or such English communication, which gives you a distinct advantage.

  • Intermediate Level: You have mastered the Basic Level, and you are much more than that. You can read, write and understand English. Your speaking is good, or at least you can make few sentences to put across your points, questions, and responses. You can probably write good English too. However, you may not be fair enough with the intricacies of English – Grammar and Tenses. As we have seen, many of us converse in English, but the grammar and tenses are not proper. That’s why our level of English is Intermediate. (Read more about our Intermediate English Classes)

It is ok to have this level as it serves the purpose of daily life, job, business and general communication. You can read English newspaper and make out what is happening in current affairs. However, because your English is not pure or perfect or correct (in terms of grammar, tenses and vocabulary), you would be limited in conversing clearly and elaborately. You will not be able to continue the conversation. Therefore this level of English would be a limitation in jobs and business growth.

  • Advanced Level: Now, here, you can communicate correctly. Your English Communication reflects your thoughts getting translated in English correctly; your Grammar and Tenses are correct too. This means you are good at communication, whether in your job or business or general. Good!!! There you are, impressing people around you with good communication. You can correctly write and read as well. (Read more about our Advanced English Classes)
Improve your level of English, Good To Excellence
Take your Level of English even higher!

English communication is important in today’s world, irrespective of which part of the country you live in. Your growth and maturity in business and job depend a lot on how good, well, and effective is your communication. Therefore, everyone wants to move up the ladder in English Communication – from Basic level to Intermediate level, and from Intermediate level to Advanced level. Moving up the communication chain helps in overall growth.

Further to this, it would help if you also got a good vocabulary as well as fluency. This is possible ONLY IF you regularly practice and use English to communicate. A lot of efforts are required here to improve these skills systematically. We shall talk about Fluency and Vocabulary in our next blog.

Our training courses to help you

Good To Excellence has been conducting Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level classes for over 8 years now. With changes due to Covid-19, we now conduct completely online classes so that you don’t have to travel and take classes from any part of the country. To add to these classes, we have many videos available on our YouTube channel. These videos will help you in Vocabulary, English Phrases, Transition words and many more aspects of English communication.

Contact us at and let us know your feedback. I shall have fluency and vocabulary covered in my next blog.