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We are incredibly excited to announce the new beginning of our online English learning training! From now on, Good To Excellence is entirely online, offering completely new courses. These courses are interactive, additionally with on-demand video learning lessons and contain a wide range of training materials.

Our journey to train numerous students and executives started more than 7 years ago in classrooms.  Over these seven years, we improved our training methodology, training material as well as interactivity with students.

With the recent pandemic, it has become near impossible to conduct training in a classroom environment. This is primarily to safeguard the safety and health concerns of our students and trainers. Additioanllytraining institutes must also comply with various govt. directives and confusion remain about the future of classroom classes. Taking advantage of exciting new technologies to train students using online methods, Good To Excellence is embracing internet-based training to prepare for the ‘new normal’ that is today and the probable future.

Today, we are happy to announce our completely online English learning training platform. It is based on Microsoft Teams for live online training, and our YouTube channel for on-demand video learning lessons. We are excited that these methods will not only make learning easy to suit all category of students; it will also bridge the distance. Now students from any cities, states or countries can opt for training and access our on-demand video channel with a growing number of topics.

Good To Excellence takes a big step today – to become completely online, providing live training as well as on-demand learning videos. Take a look at the courses that we offer HERE, and more are adding to this list.

Come… Learn… Excel…