Spoken English - Intermediate

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Today, spoken English is necessary. It is beneficial in education, employment, business, social interaction, and all other aspects of daily life. We understand that each student’s English learning needs are unique. As a result, we’ve created three distinct courses in the hope that you’ll find one of them useful for your immediate needs. At Good To Excellence, we give each student individual attention and continuous feedback to ensure that they learn to the best of their ability. The following details two English training courses that we offer to help you get started.

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Intermediate English course

(For the purpose of improving one's English)

The Intermediate English course is designed for students, job seekers, housewives/home makers, and working professionals who already have a working knowledge of spoken English and wish to improve their ability to communicate effectively in interviews, meetings, with clients, and in social situations. The Foundation English speaking course assists students in progressing from basic conversational English to something that can be used for longer conversations and to begin impressing. The intermediate English speaking training covers the following topics: 

  • Additional grammar and vocabulary 
  • Additional conversation and practice
  • Discussing topics such as introductions, products, social issues, etc.
  • Writing practice to aid in the conversion of thoughts to speech 
  • Improved tense usage • Activity-based training

This is a 30-hour course. The online training is jam-packed with activities and opportunities for learning within the class. The English training is conducted in an interactive online format, and everyone has the opportunity to practise speaking English in a non-judgmental environment. Additionally, students engage in activities that help them learn and use new words. This aids in the improvement of expressions and sentences.

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