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Advanced English – To help you achieve fluency

Advanced English training focuses on three areas to help you improve: it teaches you how to improve your English language skills, how to develop your soft skills, and how to develop your personality. This training is appropriate for students, working professionals, job seekers, and homemakers, among others, because it improves your speaking ability and English knowledge. 

This course is 40 hours in length and is conducted entirely online on weekdays.

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Join our Advanced English class today!

This training focuses on improving your overall English proficiency through the use of Grammar, Tenses, Vocabulary, Sentence formation, and practical English conversation. We now expect you to have a strong command of the English language and to devote time to practicing the topics covered in the training class. Throughout the training, we will focus on all four skills (Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening) to ensure that you improve overall and gain confidence. Numerous team-based activities provide you with practical and near-real-world opportunities to practice and improve your English. The Advanced English training program covers the following topics: 

  • Grammar 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Tenses 
  • Situations and sentences 
  • Speaking, reading, and writing practise 
  • Team activities 
  • Real-world situations and conversation

However, we must emphasize that the end result is always dependent on the efforts you put into practicing what you learn in our courses. We highly encourage you to ask any and every question you might have from your trainer and reach out to them in case of any difficulty you face.