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Nowadays, everyone is running very fast. Whether it is to get to school, get a job, or learn a new language, everyone wants it to be really quick. However, sometimes things require focus and practice. In addition to this, learning the English language can also be fun and easy. Yes, practice is essential, but it should be effective as well. So, here are 7 tips to learn English quickly and effectively:

Book Reading to Improve Your English

While all of us are forced to read something in school, very few of us genuinely inculcate a reading habit. We all try to speak English, but it is equally important to read English books as well. Learning the English language is like learning how to cook a new dish. You need to read the ingredients and instructions not just once, but throughout your cooking. Similarly, you’ll need to read English books, magazines, newspapers, or anything else you can get your hands on. Furthermore, reading books is the simplest, easiest, and quickest way to learn English.

Listen and learn

To learn the English language, listen to the English language.

Scientifically speaking, learning any language can be unconscious or implicit. This means that even when we are not paying full attention, we still learn. So, English language learning can be done while working, sitting, gardening, or doing any other work. All you have to do is play any English podcast, song, or another item on the television. After this, just listen to it. Finally, in the end, you will realize that you have learned English without much effort and in less time.

English language learning means learning to be accountable.

Sometimes we skip out on speaking or reading English. If we are attending online English-speaking courses, we tend to restrict ourselves to that time frame. Besides all this, we fail to question ourselves or hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Therefore, learning English means learning to be accountable to ourselves. If we skip class or reading or are not practicing, then we need to ask questions and answer them ourselves. Lastly, you need to know that you are your best teacher, so keep checking yourself.

Online classes

Enroll yourself in online English-speaking courses.

We all know that commuting to an institute for language classes can be both tiring and boring for any person. While we really wish to learn, driving or taking government transportation is not anyone’s first choice. Therefore, there is a way to learn English from the comfort of your home. Online English-speaking courses are the most versatile and comfortable way to learn English. Through these courses, you will not only be able to avoid commuting but also learn from eminent teachers who are far away from you. So, to check out more of these online English-speaking courses, do check out Good to Excellence.

English words

English learning is all about word associations.

Whenever we learn a new language, we want to learn it very quickly. However, we learn everything separately, which not only makes it time-consuming but also less effective. In addition to this, we later find ourselves in a difficult position when the co-relation of words is required. So, to avoid all these problems, there is a simple solution: word association! This means that when we practice, we consider all of the related words or phrases that might be associated with our single word or expression. For example, “water” can be associated with

  • cold, warm, current, sea, or ocean, in terms of general understanding;
  • In terms of expression, whether calm or agitated,
  • in deep water in case of emergencies.
Talk conversation

Talk to the people around you.

Most people rely on technology to learn English. During this, they forget that they have people around who can be of more help than a mobile or a computer. Talking to your peers, family, or any other person around you can be a quick and easy way to learn English. Devices, though very helpful, cannot provide the support and encouragement needed to move further. However, fellow beings are like catalysts who push their known ones to try harder and increase their efficiency. In case you feel shy about talking to people around you, there is another way. Enroll yourself in online English-speaking courses where you will have the opportunity to interact with skilled professionals. This will help with learning the English language as well as boost your self-confidence.

Don't give uo

Fall down seven times, stand up eight!

See how I used a simple phrase to express what I feel. Well, this is exactly what you need to do. Go easy and be simple. English language learning is not about competing with who is more fluent or has a better vocabulary. Rather, it is about how simply you can express your ideas. And you might fail a few times. You might find it harder than it seems, but trust me, it is not. Learning the English language is easy, quick, and effective when you know that yes, you will make mistakes. However, you will also know that you will rectify the mistake and be a master of the language.


These are the seven best ways to learn English quickly and effectively. We know learning a new language can be tough. So we are here to help you. Whether it be a proficiency exam like IELTS or learning basic English for communication, we are here to help.