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Once we start preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or any other exam, guidance and criteria for choice is a key focus. For this we bring some tips to keep in mind for choosing the best coaching and getting the best guidance. Guidance is not only important to help us distinguish between what to do and what not to do. But also helps us in realizing our abilities and using them for the best results. Adding to this, everyone has different criteria based on which they choose any coaching for them. So to help you in this task of choosing amongst the wide range of coaching’s, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will come in handy.

1. Well Qualified teachers

The first and foremost criterion for choosing any English coaching is the faculty. The faculty of the coaching should be well qualified to teach a student who is aiming to clear any particular exam. The employee should have either a C1 or C2 certificate in the English language.

Not only is the basic qualification a pre-requisite. It also defines the standard of education that is being imparted at the institute. No one would be like to taught or guided by someone who lacks expertise in the area. So, always do a thorough check regarding the faculty of the coaching institute. To find the best coaching institute, you will have to choose the best faculty.

2. Teaching Modules should always be a part of the criterion

Teaching modules make a difference in making coaching good, better or best. The teaching modules can contain worksheets, assignments, or lessons for your own practice. But then it may not be the best coaching for you. Unless, the coaching offers an interactive environment where:

  1. you can freely speak,
  2. ask questions,
  3. interact with a variety of people

The objective of the coaching is not fulfilled unless these are incorporated in the coaching lessons.

The best coaching for you will include:

  1. group discussions
  2. personal interviews
  3. doubt sessions
  4. activities,
  5. Proper worksheets
  6. assignments for your holistic development in the coaching.

3. Official Certification

This criterion is not known to many people but plays an important role. Specially, for those applying to countries with strict English certification policies or in the case of work visa. While most English coaching’s refer to their teaching levels or groups as:

  1. beginner
  2. intermediate
  3. advance.

This does not serve the purpose when the student needs to attach the document for language proficiency.

So before choosing your English coaching for a proficiency certificate, the criterion you need to look for is :

In this, the level moves upwards towards advanced from A1 to C2. Thus, your best coaching institute should have complete transparency for this.

4. Client/Student Testimonials reveal the real story

Before choosing which is the best English coaching for you, always check the student testimonials on either the website or the handbook of the institute. Several times there is hype about a coaching institute. However, the students do not feel connected and comfortable with the manner of teaching. So, to get a better and closer idea of the:

  1. working
  2. faculty
  3. programs
  4. study atmosphere, student testimonials serve as the best option.

It is like you writing about your experience at any place. So what is more reliable, the word of a student or that of the institute?

5. Affordability should be on top of the criterion

Imagine choosing a coaching that costs you high money. Then you still have to invest in your visa as well as expenses for abroad study. Won’t this be hard? To avoid this problem, the first step is to find affordable English coaching.

Affordability does not mean cheap. Rather it means a sustainable option that gives you the best guidance with the minimum investment. Adding to this, the Indian government offers a series of scholarships for students who wish to study abroad. So, this can also be a way to plan for your abroad studies with best and most affordable English coaching. Remember, a costly coaching, may not be the best coaching. However, a sustainable coaching will prove to be the nest English coaching for you.

6. Course Duration

Many English coaching institutes claim that they can make someone proficient in the English language in 2 weeks or so. Do you think that is possible? Learning a new language can be tough and can take more time than expected. If you are already conversant in the language, then, you need to prepare for the exam. At that time all you will require:

  1. Guidance to improve on your weaknesses
  2. Work to sit for an exam to score marks.

However, if you struggle with the basics of the language. Whether it be in speaking or writing. Then you will have to start from square one and the guidance you will require will be different.

Therefore, checking the duration of the course is very important. This will help you see what is being taught in that period. Also, if it is sufficient for you to reach your goal or not. The best English coaching for you will not rush to complete everything in a small period. Rather it will devote the time required for your growth and proficiency.


To conclude, it is prudent to say that the best English coaching will be different for everyone. While some will look for :

  • Exam-oriented coaching
  • Basic skill set in the language
  • Certification for a job. These tips should be kept in mind. This helps in selecting the greatest English tutoring, regardless of the goal. To see more about English coaching programs, do reach out to us at Good to Excellence.