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All set to move to the land down under? Obviously, you are! However, before moving to Australia, there are a number of things you should know. These are not just about the weather, places to visit or colleges, but much more. So, here are things to know first, if you are moving to Australia.

1. The land is huge and so is the difference in weather

The first thing to know before moving to Australia is how massive the country is. Perth and Sydney are farther as compared to Portugal and Ukraine which are two countries. Thus, when a map is laid over another, Australia roughly encloses the entirety of Europe. This is so because the area is three hundred square miles.

This wide boundary paves way for wider gaps in temperature. So, summers in the South indicate the wet season in the northern parts. Therefore, be ready to experience an amalgamation of temperatures.

2. Healthcare is a priority in Australia

Healthcare in Australia is free for those who have permanent residency. Known as Medicare, it is provided by the National Healthcare System of Australia. It’s crucial to note that you can choose private medical care, which can pay for additional services like ambulances that Medicare does not cover.

Along with this, Australia also has agreements with many other countries like Belgium, Italy, Finland, etc. This allows free medical care in these countries as well for people from Australia.

Medical Care

3. Things to know about Australian Tax System

Before moving to Australia, you should be acquainted with the measures you need to adopt in terms of their taxation. Firstly, you need to know about the TFN or the Tax Filling Number. Your tax rate may increase if your employer doesn’t receive your TFN. Secondly, you might not have thought about your retirement plans but the Australian government does think about them. So, you will have to open a Superannuation pension fund after your retirement. Even if you don’t want to retire in Australia this is a must.

Last but not the least, if you are above 18 years of age and earn more than 450$ a month, then you are in luck. The employer will have to pay 9.5% of your earnings into a super fund on your behalf.

4. Transport System in Australia

Just like the variety in weather conditions, the transport system also offers a variety to the people. From moving within the city to inter city travels, all trains, trams, buses and coaches are available. Another thing to know is that private services are also available however, public transport is always the first choice.

The world’s largest tram network is found in Melbourne, whereas Sydney has the first metro line, which opened in 2019. So guess, you are in luck when it comes to trans port. Adding to this, international students are also offered some discounts based on the regulation of the state they are residing in.

Australian traffic rules

5. To be right, you have to stay on the left in Australia

Yes, you read it right. You have to stay on the left side not just while driving but also while walking. Not that walking on the right side will get you a ticket but it will surely get you some glances of suspicion. So, if you want to be right and fit in, then always be on the left side.

Also, since we are on the topic of being right and roads, do not forget that the Australian government is very strict with road rules. So, even two-point over-speeding can bring you down enough dollars to cost you a month’s pocket money.


Well, these were a few things to know if you are deciding to move to Australia or have already packed your bags for the same. Australia has a lot to offer whether it be in academics, professionalism, or lifestyle. So, stay connected with us for more information about Australia and other countries of your choice.