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Not really! English is by far the universal language of communication in today’s business and education world. Most of the schools, universities and workplace use English as their medium of communication. So is English speaking difficult? It is not. One can learn English speaking in a short span of time. By putting efforts, you can achieve fairly good fluency in English communication.

In India, English is either a primary or secondary language of the curriculum. Therefore, it would be fair to say that English is the common language spoken in all parts of India. Most of the schools have English as their medium. Most of the universities have English as their medium of teaching. And almost all of the business offices have English as the medium of communication. Nowadays, all governments are also supporting English as a medium to exchange information.

For this reason, you must know English. And it is not difficult to speak English. There are many courses and online resources available today that can help you learn English fairly easily. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel which posts 2 videos on tips and tricks to learn English effectively. Most importantly, learning English is possible only when you start using English to communicate in real life and real situation.

Simple steps to English Speaking

In other words, English speaking can be divided into 4 parts, as follows:

  1. Taking English Speaking course to learn English. You can do this by taking a Basic course first and then take more advanced English Speaking courses.
  2. Use English speaking learning into practice. You can achieve this by speaking English with friends, at the workplace, in different situations and to communicate in every possible opportunity.
  3. Improve English by reading, writing, speaking and listening to TV, articles, Radio etc.
  4. And most importantly, do not hesitate or feel shy about speaking English, even if it is wrong. By speaking English without any hesitation will help your mind work on making English sentences and give you necessary practice in the real world.

All things considered, it is not difficult to speak English. Most of the time, it is the hesitation that keeps you away from communicating in English. Therefore, leave aside your hesitation and start speaking. Remember, initially you may make few mistakes, but with practice, your English will be finer and nicer.

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