Clear the confusion

ielts, pte, ielts exam, pte exam, good to excellenceAs trainers, a common dilemma that we come across in students is whether to choose the IELTS or PTE. Through these blogs we aim to help readers decide which format would be most suitable to them. In case you missed our blog about the PTE, you can access it by clicking the link below:


In our first blog, we want to address a common question. What does the IELTS exam comprise?

 Firstly, there are two modules of the test-­‐ Academic and General.

  • IELTS Academic is for those who want to pursue higher education in an English speaking country and also for medical professionals who want to either study or engage in professional practice in such countries.
  • IELTS General is for immigration to English speaking countries.

Like the PTE, the aim of the IELTS exam is to assess the English language proficiency of non-­‐native English speakers. It tests four skills namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking. As established earlier, listening, reading and writing tests are conducted together. But the speaking test happens separately, the date of which will be notified to you via email. Additionally, a text message will also be sent on your phone five days prior to your test. One can book the IELTS exam through either British council or IDP who are test partners. It is administered by Cambridge, one of the leading educational institutes in the world. The tests are offered 4 times a month. We strongly advise that you book your exam well in advance to get the date of your choice. For more information on IELTS please await our next blog. Until then adieu.   ~ Bina