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Its natural to have questions, seek answers and feel satisfied before taking the next step. While we strive to satisfy each students’ queries on courses and content and expectations during our counseling as well as during the period of the teaching, we also strive to list out frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers for wider benefits of the audience. Here are some. In case you have question, do write to us via Contact us page or by calling us and we shall answer your questions.

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FAQ – IELTS exam preparation

Q. What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is professionally conducted exams in countries where English is not their native or primary language. It has evolved over the years and has strict standards. So don’t take the test lightly. Sold and elaborative study and preparation is needed if you desire to score high and fulfill your purpose. Depending on who you are (as mentioned below), you should put in serious amount of efforts to achieve success.

Q. Which are the Skills covered for which test is conducted?

IELTS covers 4 skills, viz. Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. At Good To Excellence, we cover all these 4 skills, viz. Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Q. When a working professional needs to take IELTS?

Generally you have work experience of 4 to 5 years and you decide to immigrate. Then your first step to get certain IELTS band. According to you it’s quite easy since you have been dealing people with different background in English for the last 4 ~ 5 years. By writing mails in the office your confidence level is further higher. It’s good to have higher confidence level; no doubt, however don’t forget to prepare for this test. Whenever needed take professional help for your IELTS preparation because we have seen many complaining about the strict correction methods of IELTS. We would say once you lost the attempt it’s gone; there is no meaning in blaming the system.

Q. When a student needs to take IELTS?

You are already in touch with studies and that’s the positive aspect, still you too need preparation. It is always helpful to know the strategy and approach towards IELTS examination. Prepare yourself systematically by taking professional help from Good To Excellence.

Q. Is it also necessary for Nurses seeking employment opportunities overseas?

Yes, it is. Wherever English is not the mother-tongue, all aspirants have to take IELTS, including for Nurses. We must assure you that this is not an impossible task, but a bit difficult one. This is because of your lack of exposure to English language during your college days. Therefore, you need to work on your language part first. Unfortunately many students come to Good To Excellence with little time to invest in preparation for IELTS test. We feel that you should give yourself a minimum of 3 months which can help you to improve your language first then the trainer can concentrate on coaching you for the test.

Q. What is the General Advice for IELTS aspirants?

Our suggestion to you all is please prepare yourself by giving enough time for the preparation. Now, if you think, paying the fees is expensive you would be preparing yourself to lose money (the exam registration fees for IELTS is high!) and confidence. we would like to end it by giving a famous quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

FAQ – PTE exam preparation

Q. what skills are tested in PTE academic?

Ans. All four skills; speaking, writing, reading and listening are tested. But unlike IELTS the skills are integrated.

Q. Is it a pen and paper test or online test?

Ans. It is an online test and assessment is also done by the system.

Q. How long does it take to get PTE results?

Ans. You get your results within five business days.

Q. is PTE easier than IELTS?

Ans. No. Both need the same skill sets.

Q. Are there two modules - PTE General and PTE Academic?

Ans. No. there is only academic which is accepted for both immigration and university studies.

Q. How long is the PTE score valid?

Ans. Its validity is two years.

Q. How long do I have to wait to get a test date?

Ans. Most of the time you can book for the exam a week before. But check for availability on PTE website.

Q. What is the duration of the PTE test?

Ans. It is for three hours.

Q. I am awaiting my passport. Can I book for the test?

Ans. No. you need to have your passport to book.

Q. What is the PTE score given?

Ans. The score range for all the skills are 10 – 90. Apart from that you are also given scores for enabling skills such as grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.

FAQ -TOEFL exam preparation

Q. How long is the score valid?

Ans. The test score is valid for 2 years.

Q. How do you help in improving my skills?

Ans. We teach you the strategy to approach the questions. Give you appropriate language that is expected of you in a TOEFL test.

Q. What if my language is not good enough?

Ans. You will be advised to take our spoken English or Grammar classes to help you in correcting your language.

Q. Can I take mock tests?

Ans. You can take unlimited number of mock tests. This helps you see your progress as well as build your confidence.

Q. Is a 40 hours course enough to get the required score?

Ans. If your language is good, it is certainly possible. You just need the strategy and the right phrases which are provided at Good To excellence.

Q. Are the trainers qualified?

Ans. Yes, our trainers have certification from ETS which conducts the test.

Q. How do I improve my fluency?

Ans. A lot of practice is given. It is only with practice and use of the language that one becomes fluent.

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FAQ – English Language Learning

Q. How do you judge the level of English?

Ans. A test is given to students when they come for inquiry which determines their level.

Q. How will progress be monitored?

Ans. We give you activities and tests to monitor your progress.

Q. What teaching methods do you use?

Ans. It depends on what is being taught. We focus on giving practice for what we teach. Teaching is through activities, audio-visual aids, conversations, presentations etc.

Q. What if the level is too low or too high for me?

Ans. We judge the level of the candidates and put them in appropriate courses. However, in case it is found that the level is not suitable, it is possible to shift to the appropriate level.

FAQ – Language learning (English, Hindi, Kannada)

Q. Is a month’s class enough for learning a language?

Ans. This is a typical question we get at Good To Excellence from students. The answer to this question is: one month’s time is not enough for enhancing your language significantly. The training time is to guide you and to create environment for you to learn the language. Therefore, for people who already have some knowledge of the language, this one month of exposure helps to polish their language. Students at beginner or basic level need a minimum of two months’ time to know and speak the language. Students at the advanced level can significantly improve their fluency.

Q. Does spoken English class really help?


I think this question arises in everyone’s mind. Our explanation to this question is Good To Excellence classes are there to support you. For example, one can learn singing by listening to it carefully every day. Still going to music guru adds extra something to his knowledge and he knows the nitty-gritty of music.

Thanks to the movie ‘English Vinglish’ which has given respect to such classes 🙂

Q. Why should there be grammar? I just want conversation language.

Ans. All right, we agree with you! Because when you start speaking your language you didn’t learn grammar at all. In fact, now also you don’t know detailed grammar of your language. But here we are forgetting one thing and that is, you have been learning your mother tongue since your birth, so that’s your natural language and secondly whenever you went wrong people around you corrected you. They might have laughed at you but you were small so it didn’t hurt you. Now, imagine if someone corrects you or laughs at you in public how will you feel?

That’s why we need to go through the process of language learning where we, at Good To Excellence, touch all aspects like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Q. How should I improve my vocabulary?

Ans. This question is not only asked by students but mothers of school goers to improve their children’s vocabulary.

In Good To Excellence classes, we give you tips to improve your word-bank as well as you get lots of practice to do it. If you want to do it without our help :), no problem, we suggest you read and collect unknown and unfamiliar words and go through them every night before going to sleep.

Q. When so much material is available on Internet, why I should attend classroom training?

Ans. This question makes us think… Is internet a threat to our kind of learning centers? But this does not scare us at all. Because, though there is easy accessibility to tons of tests and tips online, they are not organized and don’t have the human touch and focus which we provide you at Good To Excellence.

Q. Do you give study material?

Ans. Yes, at Good To Excellence we provide you material and give you many reference sites.

Q. Is there long term support or warranty, after the course is over?

Ans.At Good To Excellence, we understand that you may need some support after the course is over. Therefore, we give, when needed, up to 2 follow-up sessions (discussion oriented), based on prior appointment. At Good To Excellence we also give you guaranty of our material and teaching. However, wherever human being is involved (and not machine), lifetime support and warranty are not possible. There is a lot that needs to be done by you towards learning and the effort, focus and determination may vary from student to student. You can also log into our website Good To Excellence and on our Facebook page where learning never stops.

Q. Can I be fluent after the class?

Ans. Here my counter question to you is, ‘Can a singer give stage performance as soon as he is out of music school?’ Or ‘Can anyone hit a century without practice?’ You need to keep practicing. Now you have all the tricks in your bag but how and where to use them will come after practice.

Q. I have only one month to learn. I want to work in call center so will you teach me?

Ans. Many beginner level students ask this question. The outsourcing business has shown a dream to many. It’s good but in real life if we day-dream we end up being nowhere. So, be practical and give yourself time to learn and practice the new language. The time varies according to each one’s ability from six months to a year.

Q. We want American, British or Australian accent while speaking.

Ans. At our institute Good To Excellence, we don’t encourage imitating any accent. We don’t want to make ourselves clones but we want to speak English in English style. So students please neutralize your accent here and learn to have correct stresses and intonation while speaking. You should be natural and speak naturally.

FAQ – on batch size and class timings

Q. What is the maximum and minimum batch size of a class?

Ans. Our intake of students is limited to 15 to ensure quality training and personal touch.

Q. Do IELTS and TOFEL classes also need a batch size?

Ans. . IELTS & TOEFL are mostly personal training even though there may be other students in the classes. This is because the students join on different dates depending on their exam schedule and also the need of each individual could be different. We, at Good To Excellence coach the students depending on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Q. When do batches start?

Ans. Every month, there are two batches one in the morning and another in the evening. You can opt for batches depending on your convenience. Some language classes, like Kannada, Hindi and professional classes like IELTS and TOEFL also have schedules during late mornings and early evenings. For more details, please contact our office.

Please check our website for batches starting or call our office at 97396 07050 or 94835 07050.

Q. Can you adjust the batch timings?

Ans. If there are more students from an office or students showing interest to join together, we are flexible enough to adjust the batch size and timing requirements.

FAQ – Soft skills and Personality Development

Q. What is a Soft Skill?

Ans. They are essentially people skills like personality specific, non-technical skills that help you in building good leadership qualities. One becomes a good negotiator, listener, and conflict manager.

Q. What do you teach in Soft skills and Personality development classes?

Ans. We have E mail etiquette, Presentation Skills, Interview Skills, Goal Setting, and Time Management. We also have Negotiation skills, Group Discussion etc. Some more can be added / modified (tailored) to suit your needs, if discussed and agreed before the start of the course.

Q. What method do you use in training?

Ans. We use PPTs, audio- visual, l interaction, video screening, pair and group activities in our classes.

FAQ – Microsoft Office Application training

Q. Which Microsoft Office Applications trainings are available?

Ans. Almost all the Office application trainings are available at “Good To Excellence”. Primarily we focus on those applications which are widely used in our daily life as well as what we need to use professionally. These applications are Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. For professionals we also provide training on Project and Visio.

Q. At what level of proficiency are these courses taught?

Ans. At “Good To Excellence” we primarily have two levels – Essential and Advanced. Essential level is where the training is imparted to bring you to a normal user level proficiency, whereas at Advanced level, advanced level of features and usages are taught.

Q. How is the proficiency level judged

Ans. Your proficiency level is judged by interacting with you and asking you the practical usage questions and sometimes asking you about your need to learn more. Based on that, appropriate level is recommended for further training.

Q. I have specific needs to learn an Office application.

Ans. If you have specific need to learn, as some of you may have for your professional advancement, we are flexible enough to tailor the training content and duration. Feel free to talk to the trainer and discuss your needs and we shall be happy to assist you in meeting your needs.

Q. What infrastructure do you have for such training?

Ans. We have the latest of office applications, which are version 2013 & 2016 for Office applications and 2010 version for Project and Visio. We do not compromise on what we teach you and hence latest versions are available. We also have computers for your practice and carrying out assignments.

Q. Do I need to bring my laptop?

Ans. For learning at Essential level, bringing your own laptop is not required. We have PCs where you can learn and practice. However, if you bring your own laptop, it may help speed up your learning.

For advanced level students, we recommend that they bring their laptops so that learning can be quick, efficient and effective. This way you can carry out your assignments faster. However, if you do not have your own laptop, do not worry, we have PCs which can be used.

Q. What kinds of exercises are given for effective learning?

Ans. At “Good To Excellence” we provide exercises commensurate with your knowledge of the applications, your field and your needs. This way the exercises and examples help you understand and learn the application quickly.

For professionals, we provide examples mostly relating to professional field. Sometimes we also ask students to bring their work based issues so that we can help guide them help them learn as well as solve these issues.

FAQ – Course Fee and Discounts

Q. How much is the course fee?

Ans. Course fee varies based on courses, duration and proficiency level. At “Good To Excellence” quality of learning is paramount. We also understand that course fee matters to all the students. Therefore, our course fees are competitively lower compared to the quality of training that we provide and assistance that we give during and after the course.

Q. Do you reduce the course fee if I need specific training?

Ans. It depends. If your need is lesser than what the course covers, it is possible that you may be charged less. However, if your learning needs are customized, the course fee is something that is mutually agreed.

Q. What discounts can I expect?

Ans. We understand this feeling and your expectation. That’s why we have worked towards keeping our fees competitively lower compared to quality of training that we provide and assistance that we give during and after the course. Every month there are offers for early-birds to come and register. This is one good time to grab the lower fees. To avail yourselves of early-bird offers, you can contact our office and register for the course by paying the full, discounted fee before the course starts.

Q. Still, some discount to make me happy?

Ans. Well, this is a difficult request to honor. As we do not discount our quality of training and learning, we do not give discount in our fees. We assure you that our fees are competitively lower compared to quality of training that we provide and assistance that we give during and after the course.

Refund and Cancellations

We request all students to read Refund Rules published on this website (as well as put on the institute’s noticeboard) and make themselves aware of it before registering.

Q. What if I cannot continue the course?

Ans. Yes, sometimes it is possible that you may like to opt out of a course you are already registered in. In this case we offer two options. First, you can inform us, in writing, and then opt for a future course within 6 months. This way you can attend to your work now and come back to us for continuing your course at a later date. Otherwise second option is to cancel your registration. To cancel the registration, give your request in writing. The Refund and Cancellation policy applies to process your refund. Please read our Cancellation and Refund policy before registering.

Q. I want to cancel my registration before the start of the course / after the start of the course.

Ans. Again, circumstances can make you make such request. We do have a published Refund and Cancellation policy which applies to all our students seeking refunds and cancellations. Please read the policy before registering.

Q. I am registered for a course but I want to postpone the start of my course

Ans. We understand that there may be some circumstances because of which you want to delay your start. Please give a request in writing at the institute and record your preferences for the next course start date. We shall contact you when the next batch is due so that you can start / continue your learning.

General Terms and Conditions

We request all our students to read General Terms and Conditions, published on this website (as well as put on the institute’s noticeboard) and make themselves aware of it before registering.

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