Spoken English

Spoken English is necessary today. It helps in education, jobs, business, social interaction and in all part of daily life. We know that each student may have different needs to learn English. Therefore, we have designed three separate courses such that you shall find one of them useful for your immediate needs. At Good To Excellence, we pay individual attention and we give continuous feedback so that each student learn to the best of his / her capability. Below are the details of two English training courses that we offer to get you up to the speed. To know more about all English training courses, click HERE. For Advance English Training, click HERE. To know more about other courses that we offer, click HERE.

Basic English course – for beginners

Basic English, Spoken English, English Grammar

This English course is suitable for students, job seekers, housewives and working people who have very little English knowledge and their main requirement is to understand English and speak basic English. It is better to know and speak basic English rather than know nothing. Therefore, we give English training in these areas:


  • Able to read and write English
  • Understand and speak basic English sentences
  • Introduce yourself
  • Communicate in English
  • General conversation and vocabulary
  • Basic grammar and tenses
  • Activity based training

This course is for 20 hours. The training is full of activities and learning. Spoken English training is conducted in an interactive format where students get to practice. This helps remove their hesitation. This shall help students get more confidence and get one step ahead in their life.

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Foundation English course – to improve English

Spoken English, Foundation Level, English GrammarThis English course is suitable for students, job seekers, housewives and working people who already have basic spoken English knowledge and now wants to improve the English, to be able to speak effectively in interviews, in meetings, with clients, and in the social circle. Foundation English speaking course helps improve the English speaking from basic conversational to something that can be used for a little longer communication and to start impressing. The topics covered in the foundation English speaking training are:

  • More grammar and more vocabulary
  • More conversation and more practice
  • Speaking about topics like introduction, products, social topics etc.
  • Writing practice to improve thoughts and conversion to speech
  • Improved tense use
  • Activity based training

This course is for 40 hours. The training is full of activities and learning within the class. The English training is conducted in an interactive format at our institute situated in BTM layout, Bangalore, and everyone gets to practice speaking English in a no-hesitation atmosphere. Students also carry out activities to know new words and use them. This helps improve the expression and sentences.

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Testimonials from students

After joining the class I become confident and my sentence structures improved a lot for daily use. I learnt some vocabulary. Nowadays whenever I speak, I feel I am speaking fluently and with confidence.

Senthil KumarAugust, 2012Spoken English Training

Bina is a good teacher with qualities like giving constructive, sincere feedback about your work. No matter what your level of knowledge is, you can always start to work on your skills with her. She is also polite and humble in nature, So you don't hold back your questions which are well invited by Bina.

Nitin SwarupApril, 2013Spoken English Training

I learnt a lot of things. Now I’m confident to talk in front of many people. This institute gave me a lot of knowledge like how to overcome problem while speaking. Teachers are friendly.

Amrita SahuSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

My experience was really good. I felt very comfortable with the approach on preparation. A big “Thanks” for all the knowledge shared with the students.

Kiran K GJanuary, 2013Spoken English Training

I joined here to improve my English language. My English was very poor and I was very nervous to talk to anyone in English that was the main problem I had. After completing the class I’m feeling better and I’m so thankful to Archana mam, She helped me a lot to improve my language. She taught us different ways to learn English. I’m absolutely delighted to get these kind of classes. The name of the institute is “Good to excellence” also encourages people to learn English. Now I can feel change. I can talk with people. I’m really thankful everyone for helping me.

Archana SajithAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

I learnt more than I wanted. I have improved in my speaking. Good To Excellence is the best institute for learning English. I enjoyed my all classes. Archana mam is a very good teacher. She speaks very well. Classes were very helpful. Thanks to Good To Excellence.

Arjun B HartiOctober, 2015Spoken English Training

Bina has exceptional knowledge in English teaching and it is quite helpful for understanding the basics of the language. The feedback sessions were really good and helped in correcting mistakes by our self.

AtaullaJune, 2013Spoken English Training

I enjoyed English classes. I was very happy when I came to this institute. I learnt more things than I needed. My trainer was Archana. I liked her way of teaching. Now I can speak in English.

Rajni BhatOctober, 2015Spoken English Training

Thank you "Good To Excellence" and mainly to my English Madam Archana. I am so happy now because I have improved my English skill. In this coaching center teachers are very experienced and coaching is good.

S. Sanju ReddySeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

As the name of institute is Good To Excellence, I feel that all the things here are too good. specially the way Archana mam teaches us that’s very impressive. Finally I want to say all are here friendly and good. I wish all the best to classes and trainer of G2E KEEP IT UP

AshutoshSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

I will talk about my opinion of the English class. I got lot of information and I have become grammatically perfect in English. Thank you Archana mam

Neelkanta D JSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

I feel very good because r I have learned to speak and understand English very well after I took classes. Earlier I did not know much English and I was not able to communicate. Now I feel confident. Thanks to Archana m'am.

T. PraveenMay, 2012Spoken English Training

When I joined Good To Excellence I didn't know how to speak English, did not know grammar, my English was very poor. I couldn’t speak to anyone. After attending the class of Archana mam, I can speak. She is a good teacher. She teaches good. She told me you speak whatever you know, She encouraged me. I started speaking English slowly was very nervous but now I’m improved. Good to Excellence also encourages people to learn English.

PushaAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

Good To Excellence was very helpful. Classes were perfect with the accurate information . The trainer teaches very well.

Abhishek TiwariFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

I like Good To Excellence because Archana Mam taught very well and she is very friendly. I have learnt many things from this institute. I miss the class now. I have improved a lot. Thank you

Sukanya SahaFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

Thank you "Good To Excellence". I will never forget you because I improved my English skills for better. This one will be used in my future. In this coaching center teaching is very good.

M.S. ChandrababuSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

First I would like to thank Mrs. Archana to teach me. I am very glad to come to this institute. I have learned lots of new things here. I improved myself a lot. I felt very happy to come here. Thank you to everyone.

Sathya VijayakumarJune, 2015Spoken English Training

I like Good To Excellence because I learnt more things. The trainer teaches very well. I enjoyed every class and made good friends at the institute. My fear to speak in front of people has gone. I have started speaking In English. Thank you

PoornimaFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

When I joined Good To Excellence, my English language was poor and I couldn’t speak to other person and I was so nervous on stage and to speak to any other person. The main reason to like the class is the atmosphere. It was a good experience that after class so many mistakes are corrected. So learnt so many ideas how to speak so thank you Archana mam and Good To Excellence.

Bharat OdedraAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

I like Good To Excellence because it is more of learning how to speak in English with correct Grammar. And I have learnt speaking in English with confidence .Thank you

Sunita BasatiFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

Very good class. Archana m'am has given individual attention to each student. I liked it very much.

Thomas PolyMay, 2012Spoken English Training

Very good! Got motivated and inspired. Thank you, Archana.

Gigi ThomasMarch, 2012Spoken English Training

I learnt so many things from Good To Excellence when I first came to the institute I had a fear because I’m from Kerala so didn’t know Hindi or English. After joining this institute my level of confidence and knowledge of grammar became high. Archana mam is a good motivator for me. She did her job good. I would like to say thank you for developing my skills and confidence and now I know how to manage the situation with confidence. Thank you so much

Sandhya Ragam M. R.February, 2016Spoken English Training

Good To Excellence is a good institute it helped me to understands words . I have improved a lot. Thank you so much

Kirti AroraFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

I joined good to excellence to learn English. I learnt many things here & I got confidence to speak in English with anyone. I don’t know I speak right but I have confidence and without hesitation I speak. This institute helped me to overcome hesitation and gave me confidence.Trainer is very helpful. She helped very much & patiently and friendly to improve my speaking skills.

Puja kumaraDecember, 2015Spoken English Training

Before joining “Good To Excellence”, I was very poor in English & communication. Now, I have improved a lot and am able to speak without grammatical mistakes and with fluency too. After completion of this course, I also worked as a counselor here. It was a great experience. Finally, I wish “Good To Excellence” success in their venture.

KomaliJuly, 2013Spoken English Training

It was very useful. I learnt many new things. I would like to thank Archana Mam. Because she taught me very well. She helped a lot. I felt very happy to attend this class.

P KarthikaJune, 2015Spoken English Training

I learnt a lot of things. I have improved English better than before joining the class & I enjoyed a lot in class and I did gain deep knowledge on tenses, modals etc. Trainer has helped me to improve communication. I think I will join advance course. I wish all the best and thanks a lot Archana mam and G2E faculty.

Vikas JainSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

After I joined Good To Excellence class, my English has improved & I talk to my kids and I know the tenses. I was very nervous to talk to anyone in English. After attending the Archana mam’s class, I improved my language. She taught us different ways to learn English . I learnt a lot from this class so much new vocabulary words. We can learn so many things and we enjoyed a lot with friends & Archana mam. This class is very nice. I came here & learnt so much. The name of the institute is “Good To Excellence” people get encouraged to learn English.

ReenaAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

When I joined “Good To Excellence", I knew little English. After 25 days of classes, I now know so much. I am very glad that I took English training here. It really helped me to improve myself. I have started to speak in English with people without any hesitation.

Payal GhoshMay, 2016Spoken English Training

Thanks to "Good To Excellence"; especially to Archana Madam. I improved my speaking skill after joining this class. Thanks again to everyone. I enjoyed learning with everyone.

Mamta BobbalaSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

I am very happy to recommend “Good To Excellence”. I completed my course, and now I feel that I have improved my speaking Archana is friendly and teaches in an interesting way. She also taught me and gave lots of ideas on how to improve my English knowledge and how to practice it. This course was very useful to me, because now I am able to communicate with people and can understand very well.

SandhyaOctober, 2013Spoken English Training

I am very happy with this institute. My teacher is Archana Mam. She is nice person . Teaching is very good in this institute . Thank you Archana Mam. I feel very happy.

G PrasannaJune, 2015Spoken English Training

I was in confusion should I join this class or not. But after my first meeting I immediately decided to join it. My English has improved a lot by the method of teaching. Our madam knows each and every thing about English. She gave many tips and practice which improved my English. I wish “Good To Excellence” all the best.

Iqbal H KJanuary, 2013Spoken English Training

I joined here for improving my English speaking skills. This class improved my language somewhat better. I liked the classes , Archana mam has taught very clearly. This class helps me to understand about the grammar parts. So I felt good about classes. THANK YOU

Jilna JamesMay, 2015Spoken English Training

I like Good To excellence because it helped me to learn speaking in English and the trainer is very good at teaching. I felt better after joining the class now I can speak in English and learnt many things at the institute.

Jyothi patelFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

First of all I want to say thanks to Good To Excellence & Archana mam because I learnt many things here. Before I joined here I didn't know how to make single sentence but now I have a confidence to speak some sentences in front of any stranger. I have not met any teacher like Archana Mam. She teaches very well, she teaches morals, gives some games. Also she increases our confidence level. No Complaint on teaching of Archana mam and institute . I want to join Advance level also.

Ramya ShettyApril, 2015Spoken English Training

Before coming to this class, I used to speak English in a wrong way. I was totally confused. After joining “Good To Excellence”, I can speak fluently with people. Teaching is good. We can learn easily. After coming to “Good To Excellence”, I feel that I’m speaking good English with everyone.

Shiva RAugust, 2013Spoken English Training

I am very happy with this institute. Classes are perfect in the institute. I got lots of friends and learned lots of new things here and I have improved. I had fear to speak in English. But, Now I can communicate with others without any fear. Archana mam is nice person and she teaches well.

TejaswiniJune, 2015Spoken English Training

Thank you "Good To Excellence". I have improved my communication skill, and I am learning grammar too. My special thanks for Archana Madam. She is an experienced and wonderful teacher. Very excellent coaching center.

B. NaglakshmiSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

I learnt a lot of things and this course was full of fun and so happy. I wish you all the best for archana mam and thank you for teaching English.

B Raj TharunSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training