Excel Training

Excel training refers to training you in Microsoft Excel, which is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Windows. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, automation, scenarios, host of interesting tools and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Microsoft Excel Training

It has been a very widely used spreadsheet application; from juniors to seniors, from accounts to engineers. The training also include an option to learn VBA and Excel Macros. As of now, Excel has its latest version 2016 in the market even though earlier versions like 2007, 2010 and 2013 are also in use. Excel is part of Microsoft Office application suit.

Why should you learn Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet application. Therefore it can store data and text. It has many functions by which you can manipulate the data. By manipulating the data in a desired manner, large amount of data can be processed in seconds. Excel has numerous built-in mathematical, statistical, financial, scientific and text functions which can speed up the processing, thereby learning Excel has become quick and easy.

These days, we deal with data everywhere and every time. Excel is good for storing and working on data. Once you are in a job, you should know how to use Excel. Therefore you must know the Excel, to use the data and manipulate the data to bring out the answers. Every job requires basic knowledge of Excel (and office applications). To prove yourself smart, you should know the efficient use of Excel and its many data collection, organisation, manipulation and presentation capabilities. For students, entry level executives, middle management or senior management persons, knowing Excel is a must for career shaping, career building and overall success.

Excel Training

Excel Training - Good To Excellence

Good To Excellence has been providing Excel training for more than 3 years now. The training is provider by trainer who has more than 20 years of experience using Excel at its highest level. Therefore the training include not only the basics but also the practical example of today’s life.

We offer three levels of training to suit your needs. We have a basic course where Excel is introduced and its basic operation explained. With this course, you should be able to use Excel and self learn practically. Then we have the advance level where advance aspects of Excel are learned. Here you get to learn complex functions, multi-sheet and multi-workbook operation and preparing impressive outputs with graphs and charts. The last level is learning Dashboard preparation and writing Excel Macros using VBA. In the paragraphs below, the course content is given. You can visit our institute and discuss with our counselor and trainer to know more about which level would suit you.

Basic Excel Training

Excel Training - Good To Excellence

Basic training is for about 10 hours duration in which Excel is introduced. Basic operations like file open, close, save etc. are taught first. Then all the features of Excel are introduced so that you can get an idea of what all Excel can do for you. Thereafter Excel features and functions are taught. The pace of learning is to your satisfaction. Enough time is given for you to practice so that you can understand Excel satisfactorily. Following topics are covered in this training:

File Operations
Workbook and worksheets
Creating Worksheets
Working with Sheets
Formatting the Worksheet

Moving and Copying Data
Paste Special
Cell addressing
Formula Auditing

Modifying the Worksheet
Page Setup
AutocShapes & Diagrams
Printing and previewing

Creating Charts
Data Forms
Data Sorting and Filtering
Conditional formatting
Data Validation

and many more to learn.

Our Institute is located at BTM layout, Bangalore. Its infrastructure makes it easy for you to come, practice and learn. The basic excel training takes about 10 hours but this duration can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Advance Excel Training

Excel Training & VBA & Excel Macros - Good To ExcellenceAdvance training is conducted for 20 hours. We expect basic level knowledge to start the advance course. Advance level has much to learn for every student and therefore the speed of learning is enjoyable. There are now more practical examples, scenarios and outputs to impress the audience. Practice now takes center stage because to learn and enjoy, you must practice enough. Following topics are covered in this training:

Customizing Excel
Data Tables
Range Names
All types of LOOKUP function
IF Function and Nested IF
Date related functions
Text functions
INDEX, MATCH functions
Web functions

Complex formulae
ISERROR Function
AND Condition with IF
OR Condition with IF
ROUND Function
Precision of Numbers
Worksheets, workbooks formulae
Linking multiple workbooks

Array formula
Formula auditing
Understanding error messages
Understanding circular reference
Audit trail in Excel
Goal Seek
What-If analysis

Sparklines, Slicers
Using Templates
Worksheet controls
Working with Outlines
Using Multiple Workbooks
Data Validation
Conditional and Custom Formats
Creating/Revising PivotTables
Customizing Excel

and many more to learn.

Institute infrastructure makes it easy for you to come, practice and learn. While doing Advance Training we expect you to bring your latop so that you can practice on it as well as carry home the assignments and workings. The advance excel training takes about 20 hours but this duration can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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VBA Macro Training

This training is for those of you who want to do automation and want to program Excel. This training is good only if you are an advance user and you have some programming background. Microsoft created Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to program the Microsoft Office Applications like Excel. Using this programming, you can write your own customization and automation for Excel. You can create separate application out of Excel and you can make user friendly programs.

We do VBA training to teach you write excel macros. Excel Macros are nothing but piece of VBA code written for Excel to follow so that it can carry out your desired task. The training takes about 30 hours and starts with refreshing course on advance topics. VBA programming is introduced then. Writing functions and VBA routines comes next which makes up for the Excel Macros.

The training is interesting and involved. Practice is must. Practical examples are taken and interesting functions developed. So if you are looking for simplifying complex tasks of your office, if you want to speed up the work, learning Excel Macros written in VBA can be useful.