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Why is English Training necessary? English is the business language in India and many other countries with which we do business.

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English is also the language that we speak when we travel to different states. Increasingly English is dominating our lives; be it Newspapers, media, education, conversation, business etc. With increasing flattening of the business operation, physical boundaries and distances have shrunk and now business and operation has no boundaries. Therefore, English Training is necessary for you. Many of you may have studied in English medium schools and colleges but due to lack of practice, you may not have fluency. Therefore, English training is vital. Spoken English binds all the people together in communication.

I want to be good in English

Basic English, Foundation English, Advanced English

English is taught to every student during education leading to 12th. Increasingly undergraduate studies are happening in English. Once a student is out looking for a job, English speaking is considered a necessity. Knowing good English is always an advantage.

At Good To Excellence, located in BTM layout, Bangalore, we give importance to our languages (for Kannada classes, see HERE and for Hindi classes, see HERE) alongside English training. There are many students who are eligible for good jobs but they are missing out because lack of good English speaking. Therefore, we decided to make specific courses in English speaking and provide quality English training.

English Courses we offer

Everyone is not equal in English speaking. Therefore, we have 3 different English training courses to offer, each one with specific emphasis. Each course is suitable for students, job seekers, professionals, housewives etc. Here us the basic coverage of the training course we offer. For more details, please click the links under each training.

Basic English for beginners

If you know little English and can read and write, please join our Basic English training course. This course gives you a good start in speaking English and start conversing. The course duration of 20 hours brings you to a level where you feel confident and ready to learn more.

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Foundation English for improvement

This course is for you if you are already talking English. This course shall brush-up your English to a level where you shall feel confident talking in English as well as write. The course duration of 40 hours is sufficient to bring about impressive improvement in your English skills.

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Advanced English for experts

Now that you know good English and speak well, we offer Advanced English course where we train you on advanced topics of English as well as those skills which shall bring about confidence in you. Apart from advanced English training, we also train you on personality development and soft skills necessary to impress and be confidence. The course duration is 72 hours and you learn a lot.

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