Career Planning Training

To many professionals, Career Development remains an area where not much clarity is available, either as a subject or as a training. Therefore, Career planning and career development remain a major area of concern and action. Career Development is a future-centric and action-oriented area where you must put complete focus because the efforts you put today, shall reap rich benefits tomorrow. As a result, Career Planning Training is designed to empower you to take charge of your career.

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What possible questions you answer?

Career Planning Training, Career Growth, Career Planning, Career Development - Good To ExcellenceThis training is running in our institute in BTM layout, Bangalore, and focuses on Career Planning and Development process which empowers you to identify and carry out actions, leading to sustainable Career Growth. During this training, our trainer shall encourage many discussions and exercises among all the attendees which shall surely help you ponder over your current progress.  Hence, you shall be able to think over and decide on the skills development options available for you. Consequently career planning training brings out actionable items which lead to career development. Career Planning Training cover topics which would address common questions like –
  • How can I move higher up in technical / management line?
  • I have a desire to go abroad / meet clients from abroad.
  • I want to get noticed for my professional conducts.
  • I want to realize my strength areas and use them for success and growth.
  • I want to Improve confidence and communication.
  • I want to be assertive and use it.
  • I want to improve my leadership skill.
  • I want others to like me.
  • I want to enhance my financial stability.
  • I want to be productive with my MS Applications skills (like Excel, PowerPoint, Word).
  • … and more such life-enhancing topics.

What is covered in the training?

Especially relevant, career planning training will address areas relating to strengthening knowledge, skills, impact areas, and your overall personality grooming. It is a process which all successful people follow continuously to enhance their career and options to grow better and faster. To do this, we cover following areas which give armor to your personality and increase confidence –
  • Career Goals & Career Planning.
  • Improving Confidence.
  • Enhancing Assertiveness.
  • Structure & Flow of Communication.
  • Marketing, Sales & Finance.
  • Personal Financial Planning.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Body Language.
  • MS Office Applications and Effective Use.
  • Meeting Manners.
  • Table manners and Dressing sense.
  • … and more.

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How is this training carried out?

Career Planning Training, Career Growth, Career Planning, Career Development - Good To ExcellenceThis training is in-house and we are conducting it at our institute in BTM layout, Bangalore. Most noteworthy is the fact that practical training happens in a collaborative and interactive environment. We, at Good To Excellence, follow this method. We have designed Career Planning Training in such a way so that the participants will always feel active. The activities shall always energize the mind, and your learning shall not stop. The career planning training follows mix of methods for maximum impact learning by participants. The training shall have time distribution like –
  1. 30% interactive lectures,
  2. 20% video shows,
  3. 30% activities,
  4. 20% assignments

What is the training duration?

To give maximum clarity and benefit to you in a short time, Career planning training has a duration of 4 weeks. The training happens during weekends, considering your job during the weekdays. Most importantly, Email support is available during and after the course to maximize benefits. This training is not over just because the duration is over, rather we continue to provide you email support as well as occasional meetings so that you can discuss your progress with our trainer.


Our institute has spacious training rooms and equipped with equipped with large screen TV, headphones, white board, comfortable seating arrangement and ample space for carrying out activities. Moreover, the training room is acoustically isolated to have a quiet and pleasant learning environment.


The medium of training is English. Training is most effective when each attendee is present in every class, openly participates in the discussions, and carries out the assignments given. Assignments are a reflection of translating the learning into practice and can bring out your understanding of the learning. This gives the trainer a chance to reinforce each attendee with necessary constructive feedback.


At the end of this training, we provide a certificate of completion as well as our guarantee to support you thru your journey on career planning, career development, and growth.

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