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Career Growth

Have you been thinking of promotion lately? Will you get the promotion this year? Will this promotion give you significant career growth that you have been thinking about? Alternatively, do you have a dream of scaling the heights of success? Do you see yourself as a successful manager or entrepreneur in a few years from now? If you are not sure of the answers to these or similar questions,  you need our training in  Career planning, career development, and career growth.

There are similar questions that arise in our minds when we think of our future. After all, we work hard and put in extended hours in the office to see that promotion coming our way.

Career Growth, Career Planning, Career Development Training, Career Planning Training - Good To ExcellenceThe reality, however, may be different. One may not get a promotion because appraisal did not go well. Alternatively, the manager may point out, once again, a list of improvements that you should make to get that evasive promotion. Worse still, the current business and market environment may not favor you in getting the promotion.

In other words, you see that there are external factors, most of them not in your control, that finally decides your career growth unless you take control of your career planning and career development.


Practical and Effective Career Planning Training

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What achievers say:

There are two famous writings that you should always remember. Firstly, renowned educator, author, and business person Stephen Covey wrote in his superstar book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

“Begin with the end in mind: Visualize where you want to go. Before you start something, sit down and plan it out.”

Clearly, this means that if you are thinking about your career, you need first to sit down and plan your career. For sure, professionals should be able to see the ‘end,’ which is their success a few years into the future. With that in mind, we must carry out Career Planning and then start, one step at a time, towards Career development.

Second writing is from Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon (hmmm, who doesn’t know him?). in his commencement speech given at Princeton University on 30th May 2010, Jeff said these profound words:

“When you are eighty years old, and in the quiet moment of reflection narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story, the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be the series of choices you have made, in the end, we are our choices.”

This clearly indicates that the choices or decisions that you make today, to improve your career and thus your future, shall go a long way in making your dreams a reality.

These two clearly point out the fundamental points about Planning and Development. Therefore, for us, our Career Planning and Career Development is the Road to Promotion and Growth.

What is Career Growth Training?:

This training is designed such that you understand what career growth is and the process of Career Planning and Career Development. It is common sense knowledge that with every passing moment, we are growing in age. However, are we growing in wisdom? Moreover, in wealth?What you need to understand is that the process of career planning and career development is an important one. We should strive towards increasing our wisdom and wealth with each passing moment.

Each one of us has unlimited energy, most of which gets wasted because either we do not use it, or we spend on wasteful activities. If we can plan our time well and channelize our energy to gain knowledge, learn a skill and improve our personality,  we can learn and grow every minute. This is the gain that you can look forward to in our career growth training.

So what is Career Planning & Career Development?

Career planning is a process where you take a look at your current situation and achievements, and thus at your future. You can assess and understand the reasons behind your current accomplishments and successes (or failures). Therefore, if you plan your work and learning now, you will continue to get future achievements and successes. That is how career planning and career development is going to work.

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There are following steps that we follow in our training:

Assess yourself:

First of all, assess yourself. Assess your talent, skills, likings, values, habits, etc. This is either self-assessment or done with help from a coach or trainer. It gives you valuable insight into what has fueled or restricted your growth and success so far. With this assessment you can discover the reservoirs of energy and determination which have not been tapped or used so far.

Assess Market:

The second step is to find out what the market wants, which skills are in demand and where it is going. Your growth and success can happen when your talent, skills, and efforts match with the needs of the market. Assessing the market gives you the insight into the skills that will be useful to you in future. It provides you with a direction of how best you can acquire new skills and be relevant to the market.

Decide options:

Once you know your talent and skills and you now also know the market requirements, you are in a position to decide on  your future. You can now compare your current skills and likings, your talent, and the fire within to learn new areas. Out of many options, it is now time to focus on 1 or 2 or 3 areas that you would like to learn for your secure  future.

Execute option:

What you now have,  is a set of  exciting areas that you have decided to focus on after carrying out the career planning exercise. These options shall improve your professional compatibility with the market movements and shall ensure your relevance in your job.  Continual learning and growing ensures that you are among the top few in your company, and that you get  attention. With things falling into place, you are on your way  to career development.


Everyone dreams of a good, progressive and rewarding career. With sustainable career growth comes status, prosperity, and deep satisfaction. Therefore, you should take the subject of career growth  seriously as early as possible in your career. Career planning puts the focus on actionable items after assessing your strengths and interests. Actionable items lead to career development. Overall, you can say that you have achieved career growth as planned. The training is conducted at our institute in BTM layout, Bangalore.

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