Variety of Training courses we offer

“Good To Excellence” is an institute dedicated to providing  quality training that is imperative  to your overall improvement in personal, professional and social life. We currently offer courses in Kannada, English, Hindi, Soft skills, Personality development and Microsoft office applications at our Institute, located in BTM Layout, Bangalore.

The following are the courses offered.

  • IELTS, PTE and TOEFL training
  • Three levels of spoken English  courses – from Basic to Advanced
  • Soft skills and Personality development training
  • Kannada and Hindi
  • Career Growth (Career Planning and Career Development)
  • For professionals,  Excel, PowerPoint, Word etc.To know more about our courses, click on the desired training and follow the details.

IELTS, PTE and TOEFL Training

Courses, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL training - Good To Excellence

These are English proficiency exams, conducted for  people in countries where English is not the native language of communication (like in India).Getting the required score in  one of these exams is  important to apply for higher studies in universities in a foreign country or   for employment  abroad . Read on   to know more.


IELTS Coaching (International English Language Testing System)

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. To assess their command over English, students are checked on four important language skills, viz. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Strategies and tips to approach  all these skills are taught with extensive practical tests and you are encouraged to take unlimited mock test.

IELTS coaching (General & Academic)

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Pearson conducts Pearson Test of English (PTE) to assess English language proficiency of students and professionals from non-English speaking countries. Specific  PTE score is needed  to fulfill the requirements of admission to universities and for jobs in countries where English is the native language.

To assess their command over English, students are checked on four important language skills, viz. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. All  four skills  are taught with extensive practical tests and all the mock tests that are available can be taken. Critical assessment is done to help you improve your skills.

PTE training (Academic)

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the oldest test to assess English language proficiency of students and professionals from non-English speaking countries. One needs to get good scores in TOEFL test to get admission to universities in a foreign country.

To assess the command over English, students are checked on four important language skills, viz. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Strategies for  all these skills are taught with tips and  unlimited practical tests and extensive feedback.

TOEFL training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Languages – Learn English, for the love of Communicating

Languages are the means of communication and expression. We usually learn one or two languages while growing up. Later on in our lives, knowledge of some more languages may become a necessity for various reasons. It may be because you have moved to another state or you need to communicate with your clients or just for the love of the language.

We offer intensive  training courses in Kannada, English and Hindi to cater to your needs. These three languages are necessary in our personal and professional lives. With our interactive training courses, you will find it easier to learn them and start enjoying  communication. and impress the listener.

Learn English

Basic English

This training is apt  for you if you know a little English. If you can manage reading and writing in English but cannot speak well, we recommend that you look at the course content of this training. This course gives you a good start in conversing in English.

Foundation English

We recommend this level if you understand English and can reply to a certain extent but lack confidence. We help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar and use them in communication. Learning is purely activity based to accelerate your learning.

Advanced English

This course  is for those students, professionals, business people and job seekers who want to further polish and enhance their English language skills to a professional level. In this training you will have discussions on various topics in English, give presentations, learn about body language and do activities that improve your confidence. This training gives you tips to become good English speakers as well as write better English.

English Training at all levels

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Languages – Learn Kannada and Hindi, for the love of Communicating

Kannada and Hindi are two most popular languages in the state of Karnataka. Kannada has a rich history of being a very early language as well as super in literature. Hindi is India’s national language and is spoken nation-wide. So these training courses are hit with people from all walks of life. Come and talk to us about learning these languages.

Learn Kannada

Spoken Kannada

It has become the need of the hour to learn Kannada for those who are from other parts of India and abroad. It helps to know spoken Kannada when you go to government offices. Getting help for domestic work becomes easier if you know the local language. Communicating with the handyman in Kannada gives you an edge. Are you in any of these situations? Look no further. We at Good to excellence have designed a course to meet your requirement. Learning Kannada is made easy through customized activities to enable you to learn faster.

Spoken Kannada Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Learn Hindi

Spoken Hindi

This Spoken Hindi course is suitable for people , of all ages, who are interested in  learning Hindi. This is the right course for you if you want to converse with your colleagues who are native Hindi speakers or you want to enjoy Hindi serials or movies or you just want to learn the language because it is our National language. The  course covers basics such as grammar and vocabulary that help you in having conversations on varied topics. learning is through interesting and fun activities.

Spoken Hindi Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Personality Development & Soft Skills – Bring out the best in you

These two courses will help you to identify your personality, learn how soft skills can  transform your  personality and gives you a  clear understanding of  how these two are of utmost importance  when it comes to career development.

Soft skills & Business skills

Soft skills enhance your communication multifold. Today  effective communication is seen as the most important criterion in any industry as it makes us more result oriented which improves our personal, professional and social lives.

Soft Skills Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Personality Development

Each one of us has a  unique personality. Some are quiet or introverts whereas others  are talkative and extroverts. We  have strengths, when enhanced, can give us opportunity to impress others. This course is recommended for those who aspire to l improve their overall personality.

Personality Development

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Career Planning and Career Development

Career Planning, Career Development Training, Career Planning Training - Good To ExcellenceThis training is designed such that you understand what is career growth, and the process of Career Planning and Career Development. It is a common sense knowledge that with every passing moment, we are growing in age. However are we growing in wisdom? Moreover, in wealth? That is what you need to understand, the process of career planning and career development is an important one. Each one of us should be able to focus on the increase in wisdom and wealth with each passing moment.

Career Planning & Development

Weekend batch. Suitable for working professionals. Click to know more.

Career planning is a process where you take a look at your current situation and achievements, and you also look at your future. You can assess that your current accomplishments and successes (or failures) have been because of your focused and deliberate work (or the lack of it) over the past few years. Therefore, if you plan your work and learning now, you will continue to get future achievements and successes. That is how career planning and career development is going to work.

Microsoft Office Application courses

Courses, Excel, Word, Outlook. PowePoint - Good To Excellence

Microsoft office applications, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now integral parts of our personal, social and professional lives. Chances are that these applications are already in your laptop and on your phone. We provide quality training to you on these applications with practical exercises so that you become adept at it. These courses can also be customized to meet your current and future professional requirements.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Word is used to write letters, prepare documents, make notes, even write books. After preparing the documents, you should also know how to embellish  it by formatting so that people reading it  get impressed. If you are interested in learning Word, look no further. Come and talk to us to know more about this course.

Microsoft Word Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program which stores data (number, date, text etc.) and manipulates it. With our life turning digital, there is information  everywhere. In our personal and professional lives  and in business we  deal  with a large amount of data with no meaning. Excel helps analyze it and makes  sense out of this data. Excel is used everywhere whether it is accountancy, telecom, retail or any other areas. Come to us and we shall give you practical training to help you make a  niche in  your career.

Excel Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used to make presentations which  are important these days in professional and educational fields. We convey our ideas, solutions, views and decision-making data using presentations. Therefore, whether you are a student, a businessman, professional or teacher, you should know how to make effective and impressive presentations.

PowerPoint Training

Regular batches. Suitable timings. To know more, follow the link.

Testimonials from students

I am very happy with this institute. Classes are perfect in the institute. I got lots of friends and learned lots of new things here and I have improved. I had fear to speak in English. But, Now I can communicate with others without any fear. Archana mam is nice person and she teaches well.

TejaswiniJune, 2015Spoken English Training

Really happy. Very interesting. Being able to speak well outside. Thanks a lot mam. All of my friends are very happy when I speak Kannada with them so all this credit goes to mam and this institute GOOD TO EXCELLENCE. Thank you very much Dhanyawadagalu mam nijavagi nanage thumba interestagi class itthu ee ondu thingalu bega mugitu. Matte sigona.

T M PreethaJuly, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

I was really impressed by Bina mam’s way of teaching as that made me to learn more easily and effortlessly. Institute’s name suits the fashion of teaching as that it can make an good student to an excellent!

ManuAugust, 2015PTE Training

Good To Excellence institute has helped me to improve my English. The method of teaching is very excellent. Thanks to Archana mam with her effort and way of teaching has improved my English. Now I’m much better. Thanks

Mohammad ShadabOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

Thank you "Good To Excellence". I have improved my communication skill, and I am learning grammar too. My special thanks for Archana Madam. She is an experienced and wonderful teacher. Very excellent coaching center.

B. NaglakshmiSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

I learnt a lot of things. I have improved English better than before joining the class & I enjoyed a lot in class and I did gain deep knowledge on tenses, modals etc. Trainer has helped me to improve communication. I think I will join advance course. I wish all the best and thanks a lot Archana mam and G2E faculty.

Vikas JainSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

I thank “Good To Excellence” for helping me achieve a great score in IELTS. The faculty, their coaching, the facilities and study materials are the best. Special thanks to the trainers for their intense coaching and motivating the students from time to time which certainly helps us face the exams with minimal fear. I would proudly recommend “Good To Excellence” for people appearing for IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English.

ChethanDecember, 2013IELTS Coaching

Excellent faculty response towards students. It was a great experience to learn English in Bina mam's class. She has a nice way to generate interest towards course. I found a lot of improvement in myself. I am really thankful for that.

Suryakant PaswanOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I learnt more than I wanted. I have improved in my speaking. Good To Excellence is the best institute for learning English. I enjoyed my all classes. Archana mam is a very good teacher. She speaks very well. Classes were very helpful. Thanks to Good To Excellence.

Arjun B HartiOctober, 2015Spoken English Training

I thank “Good To Excellence” for their excellent training and knowledge of trainers, from whom I learnt all the skills that I required for passing IELTS. Bina is an excellent teacher. I recommend “Good To Excellence” as one of the best training centers.

FlorenceOctober, 2013IELTS Coaching

I joined to get Conversant with local people and read signs and boards in Karnataka. The course was designed in a very practical way and I feel it enables one to build a good vocabulary and reading & writing was amazed equally well. Many thanks to trainer for being patient and cooperative in helping and to kick start my journey in learning Kannada.

Arbab M. KamalDecember, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

I like 'Good To Excellence' for its class atmosphere and teaching method. Everything is very good. Bina madam gave confidence about IELTS and English. All coaching was fantastic for me, and gave me life time learning of skills.

PruthvirajNovember, 2014IELTS Coaching

I am thankful to Vimala mam and Girish Sir. I have learned a lot of things in English, pronunciation and grammatical method. I have also learned presentation skills, body language, and Time management. Finally thanks for supporting me.

It was a pleasure learning English from Archana. She has extensive experience in imparting IELTS coaching. I would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to take up IELTS. She knows all the Nuts and Bolts of the exam and her methodical approach would make your IELTS coaching smooth. She is a perfect guide.

Devi PrasadJanuary, 2013IELTS Coaching

Advanced to Skill Based Coaching in “Good To Excellence” was really helpful for me. Earlier, I was not able to communicate with people. Presentation sessions were really good and interesting. And now I am more confident to give presentations in my Company. Finally, I thank “Good To Excellence” for their excellent training.

I feel very good because r I have learned to speak and understand English very well after I took classes. Earlier I did not know much English and I was not able to communicate. Now I feel confident. Thanks to Archana m'am.

T. PraveenMay, 2012Spoken English Training

The class was very informative and our teacher Ms. Bina was very helpful in teaching us. She gave us a lot of tips and I am happy that I joined the class here before giving my exam. This course has definitely improved my vocabulary and has increased my confidence level. I would like to thanks Good To Excellence and Ms. Bina for all the support and help.

Anitha SOctober, 2015PTE Training

I like Good To Excellence because Archana Mam taught very well and she is very friendly. I have learnt many things from this institute. I miss the class now. I have improved a lot. Thank you

Sukanya SahaFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

It was a wonderful experience doing my IELTS preparation course at Good To Excellence. I didn’t have any idea on how to go about this exam before joining here. So the practice tests given here gave me the idea within time, and I quickly realized that Listening is my weakness where as reading is my strong point. Then Bina mam helped me concentrate heavily on listening and I finally got 7 in the final exam. Tremendous help from Bina mam in preparing me for it.

Syed RizviJanuary, 2015IELTS Coaching

The training went very well with lot of learning and fun.thank you for making me more confident to complete my exams special thanks to you vimala madam.

Vedant January, 2016TOEFL Training

I learnt a lot of things. Now I’m confident to talk in front of many people. This institute gave me a lot of knowledge like how to overcome problem while speaking. Teachers are friendly.

Amrita SahuSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

Individual attention was provided which helped in identifying and improving the weak areas. Flexible timings and cordial trainers.

Chitra AnoopNovember, 2015PTE Training

I attended this class for the first time and it helped me to improve my confidence and to develop my communication skills in English individual attention and participation is given to each of the students. Now I’m confident that I can give my best in interviews. I’m very happy to get a teachers like Bina Mam & Girish Sir & the way of both their teaching. It gives me to have a positive attitude. Thank you so much

Bina mam has a lot of knowledge of English language. She made English learning is very easy and interesting by asking us participate in many activities. Girish sir is very experienced. He gave us his own experience about life which boosted our confidence.

Akhil Gupta March, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

One of the most memorable studying experiences I have ever had. Even though I studied in different schools and colleges, and did some short-term courses, I never had such a wonderful experience. One month just flew.. Archana is an excellent teacher.

Justin JoseMay, 2012IELTS Coaching

I would like to thank the trainer. I had a great time during the course. Before coming to this course I was not good at English, but after end of the course I have learnt so many things. Bina madam was friendly. She was taking care about everyone, which was really good part of the course. Thank you, Good to excellence

Ramesh M. H.December, 2014Advanced English, SS, PD training

First of all I want to thank Archana madam for her teaching techniques. Before joining here, I was not confident to express my feelings. “Good To Excellence” gave me all the opportunities and now I am confident. I would like to thank Bina madam also who trained us on Soft Skills. Her teaching improved my communication as well as soft skills.

Thank you "Good To Excellence" and mainly to my English Madam Archana. I am so happy now because I have improved my English skill. In this coaching center teachers are very experienced and coaching is good.

S. Sanju ReddySeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

Good to excellence institute has helped me to gain fluency in my English and they teach very good

Rishi JethaleOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

Thanks for highlighting the points where I needed to improve. It would be good if there is a follow-up program (may be a day event), which will keep a track on the improvements. Thanks for your kind support.

Michael MochahaniJuly, 2012Advanced English, SS, PD training

I had problems with using preposition and tenses when I joined this institute. Archana mam took classes with good examples and activities which helped me to improve my skills in sentence formation. Apart from class level teaching she is so kind in nature and has patience to handle all the students. This is one of the good memories of my life. In future ifI have any doubts or want to join ay course I will join here.

Good to excellence: as the name suggest, is an excellent center for TOEFL preparation, Ma’am, you helped me a lot in preparation. I wasn’t aware of my short comings. By letting me speak and perform on my own, you gave an opportunity to commit mistakes, which helped me to know my weakness. You corrected them too. which is also essential to learn correctly. As far as shortcomings are, sorry there are none! a friendly atmosphere, center of the city, calm surroundings makes this institute special-and of course, tutors with high knowledge of the language makes it an excellent Centre. I enjoyed learning for TOEFL hope you enjoyed teaching us. Thank you for accepting us as your student and hope that my writing is legible. its my privilege writing this.

VarunFebruary, 2015TOEFL Training

Very good! Got motivated and inspired. Thank you, Archana.

Gigi ThomasMarch, 2012Spoken English Training

I liked the homely atmosphere, not commercial type. I liked the teaching techniques used here. They are easy to learn and innovative. Trainers are energetic, good in training. They are open to suggestions and comments, willing to improvise Equality of teaching.

I joined here for improving my speaking skills. I have improved a lot in speaking skills. I have a lot of knowledge about speaking skills now. I like these classes, I understand rules and forms of English language well. It will be helping more in my life. I feel very thankful to Archana mam, she taught me all the grammar parts and rules very clearly. She encouraged me more. Once again thanks to Archana mam.

Wonderful notes and well organized with the coaching on PTE. I sincerely thank Bina mam for all the efforts and concern taken during the classes at the individual level. I strongly recommend for the PTE classes. Thanks again for the classes and all the best.

Mohan G M September, 2015PTE Training

It is very good institute for those who need to improve their skills. The guidance and support which they give is very valuable. It helped me a lot to improve myself. Thanks to ARCHANA and Vimala for supporting me.

SANDRA MANOJ February, 2016IELTS Coaching

It’s been a great experience and great gain in terms of knowledge, which I never expected before my joining. Your guidance in the course will definitely make me a winner in my academics. Also I would like to thank other members of Good To Excellence for giving me a chance to meet such a great mentor. I would like to thank you for your time and patience in making my academic study for PTE.

RaviOctober, 2015PTE Training

I found myself in a much better and confident position after undergoing IELTS coaching. I went through more and more practice tests which were initially hard for me to cover. But eventually it improved my skills.

Gaurav SJanuary, 2013IELTS Coaching

The 'Good To Excellence' is a good institute for spoken English. Earlier I couldn't speak English. After completion of my classes here. I improved my knowledge and how to speak to others. I think 'Good To Excellence' will become a big institute with more branches. Bina madam’s teaching is good, so is that of Girish. I will give 5 out of 5 to it.

A good learning experience. I like your approach on IELTS coaching.

Vimal SurendranDecember, 2012IELTS Coaching

Bina is an exceptional teacher. She trains one to adapt quickly to the test condition. I learnt techniques at a very quick speed. Definitely a place for cracking PTE if not others. thanks a lot

AbhilashOctober, 2015PTE Training

I would like say thanks to Bina mam. She is very good trainer and taught me Kannada. She made me to write, speak and read Kannada very easily. So thanks to Bina madam and thanks to Good To Excellence. This institute helped me to improve my communication skills.

Siva SundeepSeptember, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

I’m extremely fortunate to pursue PTE course with “Good To Excellence”. It helped me understand techniques and develop skill to be successful in PTE examination. A special mention To the trainer for being my coach & guide. I would like to inculcate her calmness and composure. Thanks once again to all the mentors and the entire team of Good To Excellence.

Dhruv ChawlaDecember, 2015PTE Training

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to both Bina & Archana for being great teachers. Institution gives more importance to one to one teaching, which has helped a lot. Equal efforts from trainers has helped me keep myself motivated, updated knowledge including the recent exam’s papers are taught. It helped me to keep myself updated. Most advanced techniques are used, materials are sent through mails, replies to every mail. Even the Facebook page keeps updating the knowledge. Thanks for it. Last but not the least, The institute provides very homely & friendly environment to studies which has helped to express any problems & get very positive responses.

Ranjitha April, 2015IELTS Coaching

I would like to thank you first both Bina Mam and Archana mam. When I joined I didn’t have much confidence about my course but the way of approach and practice improved my confidence level. Both the tutors are very friendly and very helpful in clarifying our doubts. Good To Excellence is a very good academy and I will definitely refer people and my friends. Thank you Bina mam and Archana mam.

Shinu Maria ZachariasAugust, 2015IELTS Coaching

Before I came for the class I was not able to speak well in English. But now I feel I have really improved than my previous status. IELTS Coaching helped me a lot.

Nithin RJanuary, 2013IELTS Coaching

I learned a lot in these two months. Now, I have the confidence speaking what is in my mind easily without any hesitation. Thanks to Ma'am for her efforts she put in. I have seen a positive change in my English after joining these classes.

I am very happy to recommend “Good To Excellence”. I completed my course, and now I feel that I have improved my speaking Archana is friendly and teaches in an interesting way. She also taught me and gave lots of ideas on how to improve my English knowledge and how to practice it. This course was very useful to me, because now I am able to communicate with people and can understand very well.

SandhyaOctober, 2013Spoken English Training

Archana m'am explained the structure of the IELTS exam very well. There was individual attention in each class. Being a professional, Archana m'am has helped me a lot to learn the importance of IELTS skills. She also has been accommodative whenever I wanted to adjust the class timing.

Congita HelenJune, 2012IELTS Coaching

The training helped me to get more knowledge of English language. More than preparation for IELTS, it helped me to change my way of speaking English “ Good To Excellence” is a training institute which teaches and helps the students to excel in their topic. Bina mama and Vimala Mam helped me to gain confidence and look the topics of IELTS in a easy way. My whole hearted thanks to both of you. Wishing you all success in future.

Sejence JacobMarch, 2016IELTS Coaching

I joined this institution without knowing even a word in Kannada. At the end of the session I’m able to communicate not very fluently but at least a little and able to understand what others speak. This course of definitely worth the money . I had a very good experience .Thank you so much

Pavithra TJanuary, 2016Spoken Kannada Training

I’m very glad to pursue PTE course in Good To Excellence for three reasons, viz. (1) Simple Techniques, (2) Individual Feedback/ improvement ideas, and (3) Very friendly teaching atmosphere. Thank you all mentors/trainers for your endeavours.

JEGANDecember, 2015PTE Training

After I joined Good To Excellence class, my English has improved & I talk to my kids and I know the tenses. I was very nervous to talk to anyone in English. After attending the Archana mam’s class, I improved my language. She taught us different ways to learn English . I learnt a lot from this class so much new vocabulary words. We can learn so many things and we enjoyed a lot with friends & Archana mam. This class is very nice. I came here & learnt so much. The name of the institute is “Good To Excellence” people get encouraged to learn English.

ReenaAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

It was a great learning for me. Madam explained all the essential grammar which I wanted to learn. I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to you, madam. You are so friendly with all of us, which made me comfortable to discuss. Even I learnt how to write better English. The course was well structured. Overall it was awesome experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my classes at this institute. I became very positive about myself. I learned a lot from Archana mam and Girish Sir. Thanks a lot Good To Excellence for making me a better person.

Himanshu ShindeOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I am truly delighted to attend the advanced English course which has enabled me to be confident. Previously I was feeling very nervous while speaking but now I have improved to a great extent. I am very thankful and obliged to Vimla ma'am and Girish Sir for their great guidance and support.

The training was conducted very well, covering all the aspects of course requirements with ample study and practice material. Archana m'am is polite and accommodating. I will surely refer her to others.

RahelMay, 2012IELTS Coaching

First of all I would like to thank you to teach me. I think Good To Excellence is very good for everything like English Communication personality Development.The trainers provide very good guidance .

Sunil PrajapatiNovember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I would like to thank Archana Mam and for most of these classes. Before coming to the class I was not confident about my Hindi speaking. I learned how to make a sentence etc. All credit goes to Archana Mam. I recommend to many of them who really wanted a good quality of classes. Many thanks.

Jagdish April, 2015Spoken Hindi Training

I would like to thank all teaching staff. I have completed my class today, and I am very happy to learn grammar clearly and specially english speaking skills. Now I have confidence to speak. Thank you very much, specially Bina madam. She is so kind, and of helping nature.

ShobhanaFebruary, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

Thanks to “Good To Excellence" class for making me confident & good in speaking English. I joined this class with limited English knowledge & leaving with a good English. I could understand English but couldn’t speak properly and I felt hesitation to talk with strangers, But after completing this course I can speak English very well and have got confidence to talk with strangers. I appreciate the friendly behavior of teachers and staff specially “Bina mam”. She is very co-operative, when we have doubts we asked her many times and she replied in the same way, never got irritated when we asked same question many times. Thanks to all of you for your cooperation.

Rana Mahe SitwatJuly, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I like Good To Excellence because it is more of learning how to speak in English with correct Grammar. And I have learnt speaking in English with confidence .Thank you

Sunita BasatiFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

I learnt so many things from Good To Excellence when I first came to the institute I had a fear because I’m from Kerala so didn’t know Hindi or English. After joining this institute my level of confidence and knowledge of grammar became high. Archana mam is a good motivator for me. She did her job good. I would like to say thank you for developing my skills and confidence and now I know how to manage the situation with confidence. Thank you so much

Sandhya Ragam M. R.February, 2016Spoken English Training

First of all I want to say thanks to Good To Excellence & Archana mam because I learnt many things here. Before I joined here I didn't know how to make single sentence but now I have a confidence to speak some sentences in front of any stranger. I have not met any teacher like Archana Mam. She teaches very well, she teaches morals, gives some games. Also she increases our confidence level. No Complaint on teaching of Archana mam and institute . I want to join Advance level also.

Ramya ShettyApril, 2015Spoken English Training

First of all, I would like to thank Vimala Mam. She taught me how to learn writing and reading English. I have learnt a lot in my advanced English classes. The environment of the class is so calm and friendly. I could adjust with the environment in no time. The trainer motivated us for doing good things and be good with people. When I came first to Good To Excellence I was very shy person. I was not able to express myself. She taught us how to overcome this situation. After completion of my 72 hours' of class, now I’m sure about myself and I’m very confident whatever l would be doing in my life with full passion.

I would like to say thanks to madam because she helped me how to overcome my problems of speaking English. I learnt many things here. Now I can speak very well in English. I am very glad to be a part of Good To Excellence.

Before coming to this class, I used to speak English in a wrong way. I was totally confused. After joining “Good To Excellence”, I can speak fluently with people. Teaching is good. We can learn easily. After coming to “Good To Excellence”, I feel that I’m speaking good English with everyone.

Shiva ReddyJanuary, 2013Advanced English, SS, PD training

When I joined Good To Excellence I didn't know how to speak English, did not know grammar, my English was very poor. I couldn’t speak to anyone. After attending the class of Archana mam, I can speak. She is a good teacher. She teaches good. She told me you speak whatever you know, She encouraged me. I started speaking English slowly was very nervous but now I’m improved. Good to Excellence also encourages people to learn English.

PushaAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

Of course I got good tips on all modules. Especially I gathered many useful tips which one would never get from internet. I agree you spend your time to correct my English. Your positive feedback pushed me to the next level. There is no doubt I gathered a lot after joining here.

This is my second time attending the class for IELTS Training with Archana mam and Bina mam . It has improved a lot and Bina mam teaches well for all the sections gives good ideas to crack the test.

Satheesh kumarMarch, 2015IELTS Coaching

Lots of courses attended earlier. This is the best one ever attended. Lots of update happened. Thanks to Mr.Girish and Mrs.Archana . All the best.

Advanced to skill Based course is very helpful for communication learners who are looking for a better career. Training sessions have been very interactive and informative. I joined this course with a vision of polishing my English proficiency to cope with my professional needs. This has been met to a large extent. I wish “Good To Excellence” a very happy success in their business goal.

It was really interesting. I was nothing in Kannada before one month. But now some magic happened. I am able to show off me as a kannadiga, I am able to communicate in better kannada. Hats off to you madam for shaping me like this. “ Dhanyawadagalu Madam. Neevu nanage superagi kannada kalisidri. Naanu eega thumba santhosavagi irthini. Nanu eega kannadanalli superagi mathadta iddini. Thank you so much . Matte sigona.

My experience was really good. I felt very comfortable with the approach on preparation. A big “Thanks” for all the knowledge shared with the students.

Kiran K GJanuary, 2013Spoken English Training

I work as senior marketing manager for a media house coming from a small town background. I had lot of challenge in English language. A friend of mine referred me join “ Good to Excellence” for brushing up my language & build in more confidence. I truly agree with institution has made mw from a good to excellence in English. I’m completely satisfied & will refer to more people for few more courses. Archana mam has really helped me a lot to over come by institution.

Nagaraj HundekarJuly, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I joined good to excellence to learn English. I learnt many things here & I got confidence to speak in English with anyone. I don’t know I speak right but I have confidence and without hesitation I speak. This institute helped me to overcome hesitation and gave me confidence.Trainer is very helpful. She helped very much & patiently and friendly to improve my speaking skills.

Puja kumaraDecember, 2015Spoken English Training

I had joined only for short term for IELTS classes. BINA mam helped me through all the four sections of IELTS, and made me confident. She corrected every small mistakes and gave constructive feedback which has improved my mock exam score. Good luck to this center and best wishes for coming days.

Monika SuranaNovember, 2014IELTS Coaching

It was good for me. Bina mam taught good and she has lots of knowledge in English . Girish sir also teaches good which helped me to gain confidence. Thanks to Good To Excellence to make me speak in English.

Sukesh kumar March, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

I saw many institutions but no where I found such a polite trainer. It is a good and unforgettable experience of life. Being a human learning something is important. I got an opportunity to learn here. So I’m very much thankful to you all. One of the best things I found about the institution was its name. By listening to the name and hearing about this through my friends reference I thought this might help me to become excellent from good. A very eye catching name is “GOOD TO EXCELLENCE”. And the instructors also tries a lot to prove this success through the institution. I wish good luck to G2E team. Thankful to you all for reading.

Dr. Satish KaroliJuly, 2015IELTS Coaching

The course was very helpful in understanding the IELTS exam pattern and expectation. I am very thankful to Bina for helping me improve my communication skills, reading and writing skills in such a short span of time. I would definitely recommend this institute to my friends and colleagues.

Premalatha PJune, 2013IELTS Coaching

I’m very happy and quite confident after completion of classes. A special thanks to Bina mam for the way of teaching and being friendly with students. For each and everything madam gives feedback that helps me a lot which I corrected. Speaking methodology which following in a group really helped me a lot.Over all I’m very happy taking the classes.

C V Krishna reddySeptember, 2015IELTS Coaching

Thanks to Good To Excellence to have shown path on how to succeed in IELTS exam and gave me a great confidence. It really needed help for me to score more marks in exam by providing good techniques to answer the exam. Thanks to Bina Mam for supportive and co-operative throughout the course. Last but not the least “thanks for the service” will come again”.

ManikandanJuly, 2015IELTS Coaching

After getting familiar with the size of class, I joined it, Actually, I needed some class regarding English to improve myself and it happened after joining Good To Excellence. This institute shows excellent learning skills with lots of encouragement and excitement. I really would like to thank Mrs. Archana and Mr.Girish for providing me such knowledge and insights.

As the name of institute is Good To Excellence, I feel that all the things here are too good. specially the way Archana mam teaches us that’s very impressive. Finally I want to say all are here friendly and good. I wish all the best to classes and trainer of G2E KEEP IT UP

AshutoshSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

I’m very glad that I got an opportunity to improve my skills in “ Good To Excellence”. It has a very friendly teaching atmosphere at each & every student is attended and taught very well. It helped me to improve my skills to great extent. Thanking once again to all the mentors and the entire team of “Good To Excellence”

Sweety KumariDecember, 2015PTE Training

Overall, I had a very good experience, especially on the tips and feedback sessions. I have also learned new things about English that is useful in my daily life. I wish “Good To Excellence” all the best.

AtaullaJanuary, 2013IELTS Coaching

Good To Excellence has given a platform to improve myself not only from the English language perspective, but also from the overall personality development perspective. Bina mam has helped me improving my English through various activities and games which I enjoyed and learned at the same time, whereas Girish Sir has given me opportunity to develop my personality and helped me to focus and think deep about things and flaws that had been inside me for a long time. Both Girish Sir and Bina mam gave me a platform to work upon Myself.

Preetam BaruahMarch, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

The institute name itself says Good To Excellence. I mean if we are good/ average in that subject while joining the institute after the completion of course we will be better/ excellence. The trainer taught me kannada very well. I learnt many things after joining institute provides pleasant environment to students. I improved because of taking daily surprise tests. I thank the trainer and institute for i=teaching kannada very well.

B. R madhu SudhanFebruary, 2016Spoken Kannada Training

Before joining “Good To Excellence”, I realized I needed to learn English, so I joined here. My experience says “The way of teaching in “Good To Excellence” is excellent. Here, trainers are very friendly and the classes are really interesting. Now I am good at speaking. I thank “Good To Excellence” for making me confident while communicating with others.

I was looking for a regular course. I couldn’t find an institute which offered good coaching. Then I got to know about “Good To Excellence” through Google. When I joined this course, Bina ma’am started training which helped me build a foundation for the exam. Also, ma’am provided individual attention to every student to help them to improve in the areas they are lacking. Overall it was a good experience. I will never forget the lessons learned. Thank you.

Prasanth PrakashJune, 2016PTE Training

It was a beautiful experience for me to have a good supportive madam to teach me IELTS. You were friendly with me throughout and I had never felt tension anytime. I had good IELTS coaching classes and experience all together. And I hope I can come back here if I get a chance to come back to Bangalore.

Arun RajSeptember, 2012IELTS Coaching

I was very satisfied with the classes that I got these last 1 month and I have improved a lot with the training from the trainer. I will be very thankful for the information I gained from her. Thank you

Varun DevMarch, 2016IELTS Coaching

I got confidence to interact with others. I learnt so many new things from Girish Sir and I also learned how to write mails to my company. Overall the classes helped me a lot to overcome with my problem.

Santhosh K. K.July, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

First I would like to say thanks for giving wonderful; opportunity to learn so many things under one roof especially about using many things in English when to use, what to use and how it would be and I can say it is one of the good institute I have ever found. Personality development class is simply awesome I have learned so many things about sources of knowledge, structured knowledge, 1000 hours formula, Goal setting, communication process, body language positive thinking and so …. On. I can say personality classes was beyond my expectation.

Suresh KolliDecember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I joined “Good To Excellence” to learn Kannada. This is the first of its kind institute in my life till date, which is driven on moral and educational ethics. The approach to impart knowledge is awesome and definitely exemplary. Bina madam, you are one of the most influential teachers. As I have learnt Kannada… in Kannada - “Good To Excellence” ondu Olleya institute. My best wishes to “Good To Excellence”.

AdityaDecember, 2013Spoken Kannada

Bina mam, I really like your way of teaching and dealing. You are very polite and you make students more skilled. Before these classes I joined another institute but I realised more improvement here because of you. I’m very glad to study here.

Amarvir KaulJune, 2015IELTS Coaching

I am very happy with this institute. My teacher is Archana Mam. She is nice person . Teaching is very good in this institute . Thank you Archana Mam. I feel very happy.

G PrasannaJune, 2015Spoken English Training

I am glad to get classes from Archana for PTE test. She helped me to understand PTE pattern and get the required score I wanted. So I am very thankful to her and all from Good To Excellence.

Raghuveer B. H.July, 2016PTE Training

The training was very helpful for me. It really helped me to gain confidence. The trainer motivates and gives lots of moral support which is really helpful in learning. Her teaching is simple and awesome. I feel lucky to get such a trainer. Thank you

Arshin AhmedMarch, 2016IELTS Coaching

Thanks to trainers for sharing their ideas and knowledge with us . I find the improvement in my communication skills and I learnt more about grammar and soft skills.

Dharmendra SahuDecember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

The class was conducted in very friendly environment. The role plays were helpful . the vocabulary covered in the class is quite sufficient for everyday usage. Trainer was very cooperative in adjusting the classes as per our schedule. Hopefully this class will help me in communicating with local people

Azeem UddinDecember, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

Before coming to this class, I used to speak English in a wrong way. I was totally confused. After joining “Good To Excellence”, I can speak fluently with people. Teaching is good. We can learn easily. After coming to “Good To Excellence”, I feel that I’m speaking good English with everyone.

Shiva RAugust, 2013Spoken English Training

I am very thankful to Vimala ma'am and Archana ma'am for I have learned many things after joining the course. I was bit nervous while speaking. Now I feel confident. I am very happy to write good English. Thanks to everyone. Through personality development class I learned how to give an interview and how to improve skills, confidence. Every day the class was fun and interesting to know more. I am happy. Thank you Girish Sir.

Excellent coaching Centre, I am so lucky, because I met a person by which I came to know that how to read, as I know no-one is perfect and I am one of them. so I will do my best. According to my knowledge. At last I want to say that the performance of good to excellence is very good.

AntarikshJanuary, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

First I would like to thank Mrs. Archana to teach me. I am very glad to come to this institute. I have learned lots of new things here. I improved myself a lot. I felt very happy to come here. Thank you to everyone.

Sathya VijayakumarJune, 2015Spoken English Training

Madam Archana is very helpful and she taught a part from the handout also. I am very much satisfied. Now I have confidence to speak in Hindi.

KanagalakshmiSeptember, 2015Spoken Hindi Training

I’m very glad that I took up IELTS training at “ Good To Excellence”. It really helped me understand and correct my mistakes and improve myself. The basic lessons on each Skill that was taught helped me understand how to apply these modules. The mock tests given was good practice for the exams and were of great help. The teaching staff were really very good in making clear all the concepts.

Akshay ShettyMay, 2016IELTS Coaching

The training provided was very helpful to me and helped me clear the PTE academic exam with high scores. The tutor Ms. Bina was extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the subjects. She imparted her knowledge to me in every possible way. She made me thorough in the formats and helped me improve my grammar & vocabulary. Time management was taught to me which is one of the most important point. Overall a very enriching experience, the tutors have personalized approach to each student and continuous feedback is given to improve. Thanks a lot and all the best in future and truly the institute stands for “GOOD TO EXCELLENCE”.

Deepa A TJuly, 2015PTE Training

I joined to improve my English speaking and writing. After completing my course I feel this is the institute which I was searching for a long time. I like both teachers. They are very good and very & friendly. They encourage & make us more confident to talking in English.

Vaishali GuptaJuly, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

This teaching institute is one of the most supportive and educative institute. My teacher taught every details of the TOEFL test with a lot of patience keen observation and patient analysis of our preparation helped us achieve the satisfaction we wanted to have after getting enrolled for tuitions.

Anusha BhatFebruary, 2015TOEFL Training

Coaching for IELTS is excellent at “Good To Excellence”. The techniques used for the improvement of each individual is good. I have improved in writing essays after joining here. The tips provided by the trainer were useful.

Damodaran GSeptember, 2013IELTS Coaching

I’m glad, I have joined this course as the way madam makes us all understand the concepts of each task is excellent. This makes the practice easy and boosts confidence for taking the exam. Thanks to Bina mam and all the faculty and team associated with the institute.

Namrata DeshpandeDecember, 2015PTE Training

I liked this training, it was very good. Before this class I was week in English. I couldn't speak English. I was feeling disappointed because I started job and I was not able to speak English. But after this class I am very good in English. Now I can speak well because of this training. I am very thankful to Bina mam.

Abhishek Singh RajputDecember, 2014Advanced English, SS, PD training

I would like to say thanks to both Bina mam & Archana mam. I have attended both the classes. I have learned a lot of new things from the classes. The trainer are friendly. I want to say thanks once again.

D NarenthiranAugust, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I like Good To Excellence because I learnt more things. The trainer teaches very well. I enjoyed every class and made good friends at the institute. My fear to speak in front of people has gone. I have started speaking In English. Thank you

PoornimaFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

I am very happy and confident to study in Good To Excellence because they taught me very well and now I am very much confident to appear in the exam. I am very much Thankful to mam.

Rogi JosephJanuary,2015IELTS Coaching

I’d like to thank trainers’ for providing very nice articles which inspired me

Saurabh GoyalDecember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I am very thankful to all the teachers to made us learn good English. I had learned English writing, email writing, pronunciation, etc. It was a great opportunity to me to be a part of the course. My heartfelt thanks to Vimla. She had made us speak and write good English. I have improved myself in all the aspects which I was lacking. I wasn’t confident before joining the class, and now I’m confident, thanks to Girish sir. Each class was very exciting, and we had many interactive sessions to remove all doubts.

Abdul ShakeelJune, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

Good To Excellence has good staff and their way of teaching is good. Bina mam is an excellent trainer. She creates a good environment for English fluently. Girish sir trains us for personality development. He has vast knowledge and he shares the knowledge with us and advises us on how to become great personality.

Pradeep ChandOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I am glad I joined Good To Excellence. That was a right decision. I liked one thing about this institute that batch strength is limited to 9 to 10. Due to this one can interact with the trainer. I feel that activities were very good. Bina mam you taught us with quality skills. Thank you.

Rohit VermaDecember, 2014Advanced English, SS, PD training

Thank you "Good To Excellence". I will never forget you because I improved my English skills for better. This one will be used in my future. In this coaching center teaching is very good.

M.S. ChandrababuSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

I joined here for improving my English speaking skills. This class improved my language somewhat better. I liked the classes , Archana mam has taught very clearly. This class helps me to understand about the grammar parts. So I felt good about classes. THANK YOU

Jilna JamesMay, 2015Spoken English Training

The name Good To Excellence is a path to Excellence & perfection. it’s my opinion because my life has been changed a lot with knowledge from this institute. It has given a lot of moral support, lots of knowledge in learning skills. Everyday was a new path of knowledge. Bina mam identifies the area where an individual makes common mistakes, rectifying of these small common mistakes will lead to a path of good communication skills. I got a lot of good communication skills after implementing the suggestions that mam subjected. Suggested the most important thing is practice for a lot of time with the material provided. I’m feeling happy after completing this course because it has given me a lot of life experience. The only thing that a student can do is just follow the suggestions & implement by doing a lot of practice. In the end I’m always thankful to bina mam throughout my life, can’t express more because this book will get filled. Thank you mam, I miss this institute a lot.

VikramApril, 2015IELTS Coaching

The training was very helpful for me to prepare for TOEFL exam. I gained a lot of knowledge from Vimala mam. It’s been a pleasure to be a student of hers. She helped me to gain confidence and speak with a proper pronunciation. I enjoyed my class hours in “Good To Excellence”. Thank full to Vimala mam for making me patient for attending all the skills

W.S. AjeeshMarch, 2016TOEFL Training

I am so happy to get trained at “Good To Excellence”. Bina madam is very helpful in verifying and correcting my mistakes which I made in essays. The speaking tests, which I took here, were really helpful for me to attend exam. Materials provided here is very much resourceful. Finally, I thank “Good To Excellence” for the extended support.

Avinash RSDecember, 2013IELTS Coaching

I had very good learning from Good To Excellence learning Centre, especially Bina mam. She helped and groomed my language skills. After coming here I realized that how bad my English was. Bina mam took real effort to correct each and every mistakes I made.

Ajeeb P. K.November, 2014IELTS Coaching

It was very useful. I learnt many new things. I would like to thank Archana Mam. Because she taught me very well. She helped a lot. I felt very happy to attend this class.

P KarthikaJune, 2015Spoken English Training

This course was a helpful start to my understanding the use of Kannada in speech and writing. I’m not yet speaking freely but given the resource in this course, I shall no doubt start speaking a little in a few weeks’ time. I thank the trainer for invaluable help in familiarizing me with the language.

Indrani BhattacharjeeJuly, 2016Spoken Kannada Training

Wow! I’m so excited about all I have learned in this Kannada class. I’m really impressed by the teaching method, as it has brought rapid knowledge and understanding of the Kannada language Bina Mam’s positive energy really served as an encouraging force. I’m sad that the class is already finished as I loved getting to know everyone and it was such a joy learning new aspects of speaking and writing in Kannada everyday. Thank you Bina Mam and good to excellence for such a wonderful experience which I will always remember.

Patricia L AJune '2016Spoken Kannada Training

When I joined Good To Excellence, my English language was poor and I couldn’t speak to other person and I was so nervous on stage and to speak to any other person. The main reason to like the class is the atmosphere. It was a good experience that after class so many mistakes are corrected. So learnt so many ideas how to speak so thank you Archana mam and Good To Excellence.

Bharat OdedraAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

Thanks to "Good To Excellence"; especially to Archana Madam. I improved my speaking skill after joining this class. Thanks again to everyone. I enjoyed learning with everyone.

Mamta BobbalaSeptember, 2014Spoken English Training

Bina madam that she is an excellent teacher. She has all the qualities of a good teacher, she is very good in IELTS coaching for people with average and below average English skills in all the four modules. I was an average student but her unique technique in training helped me to improve English language in a better way.

Angel JohnesJanuary, 2013IELTS Coaching

Frankly this class was very good. First I was worried about this course but after coming here I got confidence that I can face the exam easily. The way of teaching is very interactive and polite. The way of clarifying the doubts were excellent. Thank you Good to Excellence

Gopinath ReddyNovember, 2014IELTS Coaching

When I joined “Good To Excellence", I knew little English. After 25 days of classes, I now know so much. I am very glad that I took English training here. It really helped me to improve myself. I have started to speak in English with people without any hesitation.

Payal GhoshMay, 2016Spoken English Training

I would like to give feedback on Good To Excellence - it is the best institute to learn communication skills. My trainer’s name is Archana mam. She is a very good trainer. I have learnt here very much . Thank you Mam

I joined here to learn Kannada. Before joining here I was not aware of any single word of Kannada as I belong to Patna. The way Bina m'am taught me was splendid. I must say the way of teaching of the faculty is very friendly. Now I can write, speak and understand Kannada well. I want to visit this place whenever I come to Bangalore. Thank You

Om PrakashMay, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

I enjoyed English classes. I was very happy when I came to this institute. I learnt more things than I needed. My trainer was Archana. I liked her way of teaching. Now I can speak in English.

Rajni BhatOctober, 2015Spoken English Training

The entire training was excellent from 'Good To Excellence', which was really required for my IELTS. In past I didn't have any idea about IELTS preparation. But here they introduced the concept and preparation needs beautifully. Bina madam really helped me in all four modules to reach a good level. Your way of conducting class was amazing. Keep up the level of high quality teaching skills. What’s more, thanks to all, Archana madam for your friendly co-ordination.

ShajoOctober, 2014IELTS Coaching

I attended the training for IELTS. I came with nil knowledge regarding IELTS & with zero confidence. Now after my training here in “GOOD TO EXCELLENCE”, I’m far better than what I was. So I am fully satisfied with the training, teaching ability & the material provided & the mock tests conducted worth to join this institute and most importantly wanted to thank Archana mam & Bina mam for their support. Archana mam helped me in every way. THANKYOU SO MUCH

Amreen ShaikJuly, 2015IELTS Coaching

First of all, I thank “Good To Excellence” and the trainers of G2E. I can’t express myself how to thank Bina mam. She is an excellent teacher and has a friendly nature. Training is really good here, because of that I have improved my communication much better than before.

ShrikantNovember, 2013 Advanced English, SS, PD training

I joined here to improve my English language. My English was very poor and I was very nervous to talk to anyone in English that was the main problem I had. After completing the class I’m feeling better and I’m so thankful to Archana mam, She helped me a lot to improve my language. She taught us different ways to learn English. I’m absolutely delighted to get these kind of classes. The name of the institute is “Good to excellence” also encourages people to learn English. Now I can feel change. I can talk with people. I’m really thankful everyone for helping me.

Archana SajithAugust, 2015Spoken English Training

First of all I would like to thank to the trainers. I think Good To Excellence is very good institute to learn. The teaching is style is different so I really like the way they teach. Through this institute I have really improved in my skills. Thank you to all the trainers’ of the institute.

Rahul NandiDecember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I liked the way of teaching, which was friendly. I could relax and I was able to express my views. No doubt, this overall IELTS training, taken by Archana m'am, made me confident and more expressive in my writing skills. I learned so much in a short duration.

Davinder SinghJuly, 2012IELTS Coaching

I take this opportunity to thank Bina mam for her immense patience and support. She constantly encouraged me and kept motivating me. With her help and guidance, I am able to read, write and speak Kannada to an extent. Thanking everyone at Good To Excellence for their excellent team work.

Ashwathi menonJuly, 2015Spoken Kannada Training

I was in confusion should I join this class or not. But after my first meeting I immediately decided to join it. My English has improved a lot by the method of teaching. Our madam knows each and every thing about English. She gave many tips and practice which improved my English. I wish “Good To Excellence” all the best.

Iqbal H KJanuary, 2013Spoken English Training

Before I joined the class, I din't expect that I would speak in front of the class because I’m so shy and was not a confident person. But I think I could speak about something in the class. The reason is only because of your friendly approach. I learnt more because of your help. I really thank Good To Excellence.

Good To Excellence is a good institute it helped me to understands words . I have improved a lot. Thank you so much

Kirti AroraFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

Overall, the course was beneficial in helping e identify the areas that I need to improve. My trainer assessed my strengths in different skills and taught me appropriately. Her comments were directly addressing the issue and her compliments encouraged me. Wish I had more time to sharpen my language skills. Thank you.

V Durai RajMarch, 2016IELTS Coaching

The training I got in "Good To Excellence" is really good, particularly for IELTS writing skill. I was taught with the different question types and answer formats, which were very helpful. Overall, I am completely satisfied with the session help here.

Kalyani BhoomireddyOctober, 2015IELTS Coaching

First I would like to thank Bina madam because she helped me a lot and explained the technique very clearly for each and every skills of IELTS. I learnt many things in English. Bina mam takes care very well and I practiced a lot. I am really happy to be a part of Good to excellence.

DuraisamyJanuary, 2015IELTS Coaching

Very good class. Archana m'am has given individual attention to each student. I liked it very much.

Thomas PolyMay, 2012Spoken English Training

I joined here to improve my English; both written and spoken. After completing my course I feel this is the institute which I was looking for. Both teachers are very good. They help us as much as they can. They also allow to speak out, may be it is professional or may be personal. They encourage the ideas which comes from student also. So, I will suggest all to come and learn here, it is really helpful for your future.

Dona BhattacherjeeJuly, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I have joined here 3 months back for my career development. 3 months back I attended so many interviews but I was failing because of lack of communication skills. When I joined here I just followed up their instructions. Daily 30 minutes to 1 hour I spent for communication improvement. Now I have the confidence that I can speak with any good English speakers without fear. Why I joined here? I was looking for a job change but now it happened. I have the offer letter to join another company. Good To Excellence fulfilled my desire.

Boopathi RajanMay, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

The course was completely different from what I had expected. Though I had practiced earlier with IELTS materials, the course gave me a lot of insight and details on what is expected out of IELTS exam. I am glad to have made the right choice and thank our wonderful instructor, Archana, for her great support in coaching and guiding me.

PrasanthJanuary, 2015IELTS Coaching

I like Good To excellence because it helped me to learn speaking in English and the trainer is very good at teaching. I felt better after joining the class now I can speak in English and learnt many things at the institute.

Jyothi patelFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

I would like to thank Bina mam. When I came to Good To Excellence, I was not comfortable with English language and grammar part. Now I got trained on how to improve. I spent each and every minute happily here. I am happy.

Very happy with the environment . Important things to note are: 1. Flexible class timings, 2. Well organized practice session, 3. Individual attention given, and 5. Prompt corrections on assignments. I will be more than happy to refer my friends

Binu VargheseFebruary, 2016PTE Training

I have enjoyed learning Hindi from Archana Mam. I feel more confident to join with people who speaks Hindi and try to understand what the conversation is about. It is fun learning things/ language again. I need to give more time to study by my own. I hope to come back to study very soon in future. Thank you!

Hiromi SanoApril, 2015Spoken Hindi Training

The class was good. We had a very good and quality time and we got a good opportunity to learn the correct English. Thank you

Suma ShyabalOctober, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

Thank you for teaching me and providing me so much knowledge .This will help me in future. You have thought well. I can say you are very good at your work and you are very polite also .The time you have given me was very precious and I will remember this always. Thank you for correcting me on each and every point , It helped me a lot.

Madhav SachdevaSeptember, 2014IELTS Coaching

I am glad that I joined this top institute Good To Excellence. I learned a lot in personality development and grammar classes. This will be helpful I future. Thanks to Girish and Vimla.

Ramesh PalliJuly, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

Bina has exceptional knowledge in English teaching and it is quite helpful for understanding the basics of the language. The feedback sessions were really good and helped in correcting mistakes by our self.

AtaullaJune, 2013Spoken English Training

I profusely thank “Good To Excellence” team for giving excellent learning environment. Fundamentals to the tricks and strategies discussed by Archana madam is highly useful in day to day practice of English language. I express sincere gratitude to her as well as Bina madam for giving tips for improvement at regular intervals with a personal touch. Thank you “Good To Excellence” for being the part of my life and growth.

VenkateshJanuary, 2014IELTS Coaching

Good To Excellence was very helpful. Classes were perfect with the accurate information . The trainer teaches very well.

Abhishek TiwariFebruary, 2016Spoken English Training

After joining the class I become confident and my sentence structures improved a lot for daily use. I learnt some vocabulary. Nowadays whenever I speak, I feel I am speaking fluently and with confidence.

Senthil KumarAugust, 2012Spoken English Training

I am very happy to say that I was a student of ‘Good To Excellence’ to train for PTE. Bina ma’am is very malleable, and I have learnt a lot about new things regarding the exams. Thanks for the good coaching.

G.S AshwanthiniJune, 2016PTE Training

I learnt a lot of things and this course was full of fun and so happy. I wish you all the best for archana mam and thank you for teaching English.

B Raj TharunSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

I would like to thank Mrs. Archana madam, because she explained the Marathi very clearly. And I am very happy to join Good To Excellence.

ShipraJanuary, 2015Spoken Marathi Training

Training went out very well as our trainers were very friendly and cooperative. The trainer always gave us confidence..A ll the best to Good To Excellence for her future growth and success.

Arshiya December, 2015IELTS Coaching

Bina is an excellent and dedicated teacher. Bina m'am's classes were very useful to me.

Mohan GeorgeApril, 2013IELTS Coaching

I was very nervous about the PTE exam, where I was not that confident on my grammar and vocabulary. Bina Mam, who has trained me for PTE, made me more confident and has given lots of guidance and helped me to correct my grammatical mistakes. The training was excellent. She has highlighted the main areas that I need to focus to score the required mark. Special thanks to her. Good To Excellence is a good institute for language study.

Dev AnandAugust, 2015PTE Training

The training was really good and helpful. I didn’t find any issues or difficulty during my training. Mrs Archana was helpful in getting us trained and her help is appreciated. I gained a deep knowledge about the subject and was given regular mock exams which familiarized all. I hope“ Good To Excellence” keep doing the job good and maintain their standards. I would also like to refer my friends, colleagues, relatives if they’re looking for any training provided here.

Jayesh KumarSeptember, 2015IELTS Coaching

Bina is an excellent mentor and is outstanding in English communication. . The classes were very helpful to improve my confidence level in all the skills her feedback and comments were very helpful. I would definitely like to recommend Bina if someone is looking for English classes.

Premalatha PuttaswamyJune, 2013Advanced English, SS, PD training

I am very grateful to Bina Madam as she helped me to overcome my pitfalls in English, especially in Speaking and Writing. She corrected my mistakes and I was able to obtain an overall 8 band. I would like to recommend “Good To Excellence” for English and IELTS and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Sateesh KumarOctober, 2013IELTS Coaching

The trainer was very Cooperative and designed our course very smartly. We felt easy to learn because of trainer's approach.

Asgar December, 2015IELTS Coaching

First of all a big thanks to Bina madam for her excellence in teaching. You are very knowledgeable, good teaching skills and excellent patience. The way of teaching and guiding was very clear and to the point. The techniques I learned will be very useful. You are knowledgeable and engaged instructor with amazing teaching skills. This was an excellent experience in this institution. I learned a lot that will be of immediate use in my job. Well organizes classes, cares always about students, excellent reference material. I really improved a lot after hitting this institution.

AlexanderJuly, 2015IELTS Coaching

I liked the way institute provides IELTS study material and always available on phone for help. Trainer Bina mam answers all the problems and always encourages. That boosts energy in me and increases my confidence. She provides appropriate help in learning. Good fully skilled staff. In the end, I love the experience of learning in this institute and hope this experience will help me in my future.

Bhawanpreet singhMarch, 2015IELTS Coaching

The training was very helpful and prepared me for the test. Bina madam highlighted the mistakes and helped me to correct myself. I will definitely recommend my friends to enrol for the training at Good To Excellence.

SudhindraMarch, 2016PTE Training

When I met Bina mam immediately had a good feeling & I thought “I can learnt a lot from her”. After my first class I realized, I have done the best choice. She is friendly but really professional. I experienced from the class, It doesn’t matter how difficult it is for you learning English grammar and Accent. She will make sure you feel comfortable & she finds the method to make you learn it in the easiest way from the first moment. I can assure you that you will leave your classes realizing that you are truly improving your English accent.

Dase GowdaApril, 2015Accent Neutralization Training

The material is good. Trainer has taught nicely and corrected my errors the one I was making earlier. Audio was also good. I enjoyed the class the way she taught me. Thanks a lot for teaching nicely and correcting me also.

Lakshmi K.March, 2016Accent Neutralisation Training

Good to excellence has helped me in improving communication skills, giving me confidence in English speaking. I express my gratitude to everybody who has helped me.

I actually admire the way this course went and it helped me to increase my confidence in speaking especially. I would like to thank Vimala mam for brushing up my skills.

Gaurav Kumar March, 2016IELTS Coaching

First of all I would like to thank madam because she helped me in language and way of speaking, identifying my mistakes and rectifying it. Next the institute is very disciplined and clean. The way you run the institute is really good. Materials provided are very helpful to me and practice me a lot. I was not supposed to leave this institute. I really enjoyed these vacation by spending my time and doing IELTS course. In my next vacations I would like to join Kannada course because the institute has impressed me. Thank you Mrs. Bina and I will be back soon.

B SreenivasJune, 2015IELTS Coaching

I have to mention special thanks to Bina who has a lot of patience and experience to deal with difficult student like me. Her experience is really an asset to G2E where one to one focus is given on students issues on certain modules. No one will be perfect in all modules and I lacked the skills in writing which she handled in very good manner and her tips helped me to solve the hurdle in specified time(20 minutes). Thanks again to Bina. I wish all the best to G2E and the STUDENTS WHO ARE ASPIRING DECENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES ESPECIALLY ABROAD. If I get a chance definitely, I will be recommending my friends and colleagues to get assisted in G2E for IELTS or PTE.

Bhanu Prakash KommireddySeptember, 2015PTE Training

It was a tenure of 45 days , I realized how to overcome the weakness I have together with English Grammar and personality development attended practical session like Speaking and Group Discussion which motivated me to rebuild my life. I would thank all trainers for providing me an opportunity in this esteemed organization and giving moral support.

Faraz SyedNovember, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

I am really happy and feeling confident to face the exam. Bina mam taught from basic which I felt are most useful. The feedback which mam gave me in writing helped me a lot to improve myself. Thank you for overall improvement.

G SravanthiSeptember, 2015IELTS Coaching

I am a man of “Few Words”. Bina mam has helped me to increase my score, the institution follows all the step necessary and follow procedure to help me transform from good to excellent. If you want to improve your score, this is the place to be. Thank you so much for your help Bina Mam truly appreciate it.

Varun BhallaJuly, 2015IELTS Coaching

I have attended this class first time & I would say that it has given a confidence to speak in front of others as I was struggling because of it for so long. The only suggestion I would like to make is to give more vocabulary practice so that student can have command over it. Thank you so much.

I am thankful to Vimala Mam and Girish sir. Your teaching is very helpful to speak English and improve Personal Skills. I got knowledge and practice to improve my career to upper level.

Mahesh C. B.July, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

Bina is a good teacher with qualities like giving constructive, sincere feedback about your work. No matter what your level of knowledge is, you can always start to work on your skills with her. She is also polite and humble in nature, So you don't hold back your questions which are well invited by Bina.

Nitin SwarupApril, 2013Spoken English Training

I am delighted to write my feedback about the course, I have taken from Good To Excellence for preparation to the PTE exam. In the initial day, I was not able to give much time during working days so could not finish all available practice tests well in advance but facilitator stretched too much to help me in completing most of them before the actual exam. Whatever support I required to cope up with my lacunae, the G2E staff and Mrs. Bina extended to me with co-operative behavior. Mrs. Bina is very knowledge and has very good command on English language. I remember whenever I argued for right or wrong answers, Mrs. Bina always tried to satisfy me with the correct logics and appropriate directions. Thank you so much Good To Excellence, Mrs. Bina and whole staff for everything.

Dr. DeodiaJune, 2015PTE Training

First I would like to thank all the staff of the Good To Excellence. I enrolled here for IELTS and the day I enrolled I was little nervous that should I have to join this institute because most of the people don’t know about this but when I came to my first class the way they were explaining each concept was very good. Then later after attending my first class only I enrolled for my advanced English when I have learnt so many things. How to speak good English and how to communicate with other. I suggest every of my fellow friends if you want to learn how to speak fluently I must say that search ends here. Once again thank to Bina and Archana mam.

Suraj PatpatiaJanuary, 2015Advanced English, SS, PD training

The training helped me a lot. Now I am able to speak and express what I want to. The most important thing is from when I joined this training my confidence level is high and I don’t have any hesitation while speaking . Good To Excellence is the best training institute for learning English. Good To Excellence trainers help us to groom ourselves. I want to especially thank Vimla mam for teaching me very well and for motivating me. Thank you.

Rajeev GoswamiApril, 2016Advanced English, SS, PD training

I will talk about my opinion of the English class. I got lot of information and I have become grammatically perfect in English. Thank you Archana mam

Neelkanta D JSeptember, 2015Spoken English Training

Very satisfied with the course and madam Bina has been very helpful and instrumental in guiding through right course of way and increasing confidence for the exam. I would owe a lot for any success in this attempt.

Thangadurai ASeptember, 2015PTE Training

Good To Excellence gave a good coaching to me in IELTS. I improved my English skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. I would like to say special thanks to Archana mam. The way of teaching was too good. If anyone wants to join, I will suggest Good To Excellence because it gave a lot of knowledge about IELTS.

Sravan Kumar kOctober, 2015IELTS Coaching

First of all I would like to thank Archana mam for being my teacher, I would never forget the days to come for my Hindi class. I’m very confident that I can now communicate in Hindi. You were very kind and supportive in telling the meanings of the words which I would write and come daily to the class. Thank you once again. I will miss you

Hemalatha RanganathanOctober, 2015Spoken Hindi Training

Thanks for the timely guidance and support in my IELTS coaching. I would be happy to see it becoming more organized. Even though I was not punctual, I’ll improve myself in future.

Rakesh S GSeptember, 2012IELTS Coaching

Before joining “Good To Excellence”, I was very poor in English & communication. Now, I have improved a lot and am able to speak without grammatical mistakes and with fluency too. After completion of this course, I also worked as a counselor here. It was a great experience. Finally, I wish “Good To Excellence” success in their venture.

KomaliJuly, 2013Spoken English Training