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Congratulations on perfect score!

Kudos to our PTE student Pallav for getting a perfect score in the PTE exam. 90 in all skills and enabling skills. Wow! Congratulations. We are extremely proud of you Pallav. It was a pleasure training you. All the best in your future endeavors. 

We would also like to congratulate Akarsh on clearing PTE with flying colors. We are very proud of you Akarsh. All the best for your higher studies.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Little more than three years ago, we celebrated our 1st Independence Day in Good To Excellence Institute, cheered by our students and staff. Since then we have been celebrating this wonderful occasion in our institute. The cheers and the best wishes from all of you have made us stronger day by day.

We are hugely supported by our students, their testimonials, and feedback. We are always improving our training material and method to impart best of the possible training to students. Various testimonials received from you have fueled our desire to be the best institute in Bangalore.

We wish you happy Independence Day, and we are sure that our training shall make your move from being Good to becoming Excellent. Let the spirit of Independence drive all of us to explore our best.

New training batches starting

Hello, friends. We are starting new English training batches at all levels. If you are interested, please visit our institute or call us ( see our numbers at top-right ). You can avail offers if you register before the mentioned date by paying in full. Here are the batch details

  • Basic Level English – starting 27th July. Training classes start at 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Foundation Level English – starting 8th August. Training classes start at 10.30 am, Monday to Friday
  • Advanced Level English – starting 8th August. Training classes start at 7.00 am Monday to Saturday. For your overall development and benefit, this course also includes Soft Skills and Personality Development training.

Why wait until the last minute? We are sure you can call us and discuss your needs. Be positive and express your need and discuss our counselor to join appropriate level. See our web reviews. We are sure you will learn a lot, and the training and learning will not disappoint you.

Announcing GRE Training

Good To Excellence is happy to announce the start of GRE training classes. Good To Excellence has stood for quality training as well as supporting the students and professionals equally after the training program.

Going by the same motto, we are happy to announce this training for aspiring students and professionals. Having a solid GRE preparation is a step in the right direction to go abroad to pursue higher education.

GRE training consists of preparing students on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. We are already one of the best institutes in Bangalore for training related to English and therefore we are sure we will leverage our expertise in GRE training for students’ benefit.

The training is going to start soon. For your benefit, there shall be demo classes which you can attend and once satisfied, join us. We are confident to walk the path with you to meet your goal.

New Avatar!

Website in new Avatar!

We are happy to announce our newly designed site. Over the past few months, we were analyzing the comments received to make our website more content oriented. Those inputs went into making a new structure for the website as well as new content. Here comes the new Avatar of our website 🙂

We are glad to announce that from now on, we shall be adding regular content to our site. We shall also be giving weekly updates on our training and scores that our students are scoring.

In this new site, “courses” section is now rearranged, and the menu drop-down gives details on each course and associated link. Therefore, you can select a course and directly go to the content of that training. The achievement sections now give scores of our students, appearing in various exams. This is a sure way to check the marks being scored by our students. This way you shall feel confident about the quality of training that we are offering. We encourage you to check our achievement section by clicking here.

Noteworthy is the fact that from now on, we shall be updating achievements and developments on a regularly basis. We shall also be carrying out tips for students attending our various training programs. We are sure these tips shall contribute to the progress that you are already making. 

Tune in regularly to receive more updates. This new avatar shall bring in more updates, information, tips and expert comments.

PTE exam result

Good To Excellence is very proud to announce that our PTE students Anusha and Chithra got amazing scores in the PTE exam. Hearty congratulations!! It was such a pleasure training you both. All the best for your future.

Awesome advanced English batch

An awesome batch of advanced level students. Have to sadly bid farewell today. All the best boys. Hope you get your dream jobs soon. It was wonderful training you all.

Advanced English, PD and SS class

Advanced English, PD and SS class

Advanced English, PD and SS class

Advanced English, PD and SS class

Another PTE & IELTS success

Congratulations to Thangadurai on clearing PTE with flying colours. Congratulations to Shravanthi on her success in IELTS. We are very proud of both of them.

Success in PTE

We are very proud of our PTE students Deepa and Rahul for getting extremely good scores in the exam. Our hearty congratulations to both of them.

If you are interested in PTE exam, do contact us.

We now offer PTE Academic training

Hello All,

Good news from Good To Excellence. We have added PTE in our training curriculum. There are regular batches being conducted in PTE. PTE ( is a new format exam to test your English knowledge. Please contact us to know more about offered training and testing facilities in Bangalore.