Happy 5th Anniversary

Happy 5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Thank you, friends, students, trainers, counsellors and all our well-wishers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We are proud to announce that we are completing five years in providing training to the best of our ability in English, Communication, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, Hindi and Kannada. The journey so far has been wonderful and satisfying. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all because of whom we could achieve what we have today.

The foundation of our institute was laid sometime in late 2012 and we started our operation on 10th June 2013 with a clear mission to help students achieve the next level, to make a move from Good to Excellent, to fulfill their dreams and motivate them to strive for the best. We are pleased to say every day we have been living this mission and satisfaction of our students and trainers proves it. Over these years we have expanded our portfolio to provide training on PTE, Soft Skills, Personality Development and Career planning. A few months back we successfully launched online classes, especially for those who are far off and want to have training from the comfort of their location. Increasing demand for online classes is an indication of the quality that we provide.

(to be continued…)

About the IELTS

Clear the confusion

ielts, pte, ielts exam, pte exam, good to excellenceAs trainers, a common dilemma that we come across in students is whether to choose the IELTS or PTE. Through these blogs we aim to help readers decide which format would be most suitable to them. In case you missed our blog about the PTE, you can access it by clicking the link below:


In our first blog, we want to address a common question. What does the IELTS exam comprise?

 Firstly, there are two modules of the test-­‐ Academic and General.

  • IELTS Academic is for those who want to pursue higher education in an English speaking country and also for medical professionals who want to either study or engage in professional practice in such countries.
  • IELTS General is for immigration to English speaking countries.
Like the PTE, the aim of the IELTS exam is to assess the English language proficiency of non-­‐native English speakers. It tests four skills namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking. As established earlier, listening, reading and writing tests are conducted together. But the speaking test happens separately, the date of which will be notified to you via email. Additionally, a text message will also be sent on your phone five days prior to your test. One can book the IELTS exam through either British council or IDP who are test partners. It is administered by Cambridge, one of the leading educational institutes in the world. The tests are offered 4 times a month. We strongly advise that you book your exam well in advance to get the date of your choice. For more information on IELTS please await our next blog. Until then adieu.   ~ Bina

Preparing for PTE Listening Test (Part 2)

Preparing for PTE Listening Test

pte, listening test, pte listening test, pte exam, good to excellenceHello all, To continue with our blog on PTE Academic, we bring you the last part of the PTE Listening Test. We introduced the first three question types in the last blog. Today we are going to look at rest of the tasks, first of which is to highlight accurate summary. If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics – (1) What PTE Exam is about, (2) Speaking Skill Test Part 1, (3) Speaking Skill Test Part 2, (4) Writing Skill Test, (5) Reading Skill Test, and (6) PTEListening Skill Test Part 1. Do visit these pages to gain more.

Highlight correct summary

PTE Listening tests your ability to understand, analyze and identify the most accurate summary of the lecture. Here, you will listen to a lecture. You are given 4-­‐5 options of the summary of the lecture. Test expects you to highlight the correct summary.

How we train you

We give you definitive tips on how main ideas and supporting ideas can be identified. The next question type is Multiple choice choose single answer

Multiple choice choose single answer

This is similar to multiple choice choose multiple answers. The difference is that you need to select only one option.

Select the missing word

This type of question tests your ability to predict what the speaker is going to say next, based on the clues in the lecture. The last sentence of the lecture is incomplete. You need to complete the sentence using the options given. There may be one word or a group of words.

How we train you

We train you to identify sequencing of information and predict how the speaker may continue.

Highlight incorrect words

This tests your ability to identify errors in a transcript and also match the text with speech. The transcript of the lecture appears on the screen. But some of the words in the transcript are different from what you hear. You are required to highlight such words. It may seem easy. However, a word of warning. This question type has negative marking.

How we train you

This is based entirely on your co-­‐ordination of reading and listening skills. Hence we give you tips on enhancing your listening skills. The last task in the test is write from dictation

Write from dictation

In this test, you will hear a sentence of about 10-­‐12 words. You have to type the sentence exactly as you heard it with correct spelling and punctuation. During the tests, you may get 3-­‐4 such tasks.

How we train you

We give you tips on memorizing and reproducing.

Summary of PTE training:

So, friends this brings us to the end of our blogs on PTE academic. We hope it answered most of your questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us on the phone numbers given on our website. Thank you all for your time and patience. Our next few blogs are for those of you who are interested in appearing for IELTS exam.
  • Bina

Preparing for PTE Listening Test (Part 1)

Preparing for PTE Listening Test

pte, listening test, pte listening test, pte exam, good to excellenceHello, again friends. Last few blogs gave you information on speaking, writing and reading skills of PTE Academic. To continue with our blogs about PTE Academic, we are bringing you PTE listening skills this week. If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics – (1) What PTE Exam is about, (2) Speaking Skill Test Part 1, (3) Speaking Skill Test Part 2, (4) Writing Skill Test and (5) Reading Skill Test. Do visit these pages to gain more. This comes after an optional break of ten minutes after the reading section. The listening section is for 43-58 minutes depending on the number of tasks you get. There are two sections and eight item types in all. You might get two-three of each type. Now let us look at each question type.

Section one

The first section has one type of task that is summarize spoken text. The exam will judge you on your content, form, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

Summarize Spoken Text

Here you listen to a lecture of 1-1 ½ minutes and then write a summary of the lecture in 50-70 words. The time allotted for each question is 10 minutes. This is the only question type that is individually timed.

How we train you

We definitely train you to identify the main idea and the supporting ideas of the lecture. Give you tips on how to organize your summary and also on time management.

Section Two

From here the questions are not individually timed. You get 23-28 minutes to complete all the tasks in Section 2.

Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers

This is the first question type in section 2. A question appears on the screen with various options. Then You will hear a short lecture. Based on the question you need to select more than one option.

How we train you

We definitely train you to identify the answers in the shortest possible time.

Fill in the blanks

This question type shows the transcript of the lecture on the screen with a few words missing. You have to fill in the missing words. There may be 4-6 words missing.

How we train you

We certainly give you tips on how to improve your listening skills. Information on the rest of the question types will follow shortly. Till then we bid adieu. Have a great weekend.   Bina  

Preparing for PTE Reading Test

Preparing for PTE Reading Test

Hello again. With our focus on giving you PTE examination information, this week we are presenting you PTE Reading Test information. If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics – (1) What PTE Exam is about, (2) Speaking Skill Test Part 1, (3) Speaking Skill Test Part 2, and (4) Writing Skill Test. So lets read about what Reading Test is in PTE.

Reading Test

pte, reading test, pte reading test, good to excellencePTE Reading Test is for 32 to 41 minutes depending on the number of questions you get. There may be 14 to 19 questions in total. This tests your ability to identify specific information, writer’s opinion, relation between paragraphs etc. The types of questions that you get are:  
  • Multiple choice single answer
  • Multiple choice multiple answers
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Fill in the blanks reading and writing.

Multiple Choice Questions

You will be given two to three of each of ‘multiple choice single answer’ and ‘multiple choice multiple answers’ questions. These question types require you to analyze the paragraphs and identify specific information. Each passage is about 300 words long.

How we train you

Most candidates find it difficult to manage time in the reading test. This is the first problem we address in our sessions. We train you to look for specific information in the shortest possible time.

Re-order Paragraphs

This is given to know whether you can follow logical and chronological sequence of events. You are given a series of boxes with a few sentences in each. You need to put them in a logical sequence. Total length of the paragraph may be about 150 words.

How we train you

We help you to identify the connection between paragraphs. We encourage you to practice more number of tests so that you develop the skill required to attempt this type of question.

Fill-in the Blanks

You may get 4 to 5 such questions. In this type of question, you get a passage of about 80 words with 4 to 6 blanks. You are given a few words below the passage. You have to identify the right word which completes the sentence and drag and drop it in the blank.

How we train you

To answer this question type, your grammar needs to be good. You need to know the words that collocate well. Therefore, we give you suggestions on improving your grammar if that is the area of improvement. Then we provide you with a list of collocations which prepare you for this question type. Last but not the least, we present to you tips on short listing the words that fit into the blanks.

Fill-in the Blanks – Reading and Writing

You get 4 to 5 such questions. You get a passage of about 80 words. The skill you need for this type of question is similar to the previous question. Improving your vocabulary to crack this question is a good idea. We have now completed the PTE Reading Test skill. Please await our next blog on listening skills of PTE Academic. Till we meet again, have a wonderful week. Cheers. — Bina Biliya

Preparing for PTE Writing Test

Preparing for PTE Writing Test

Hello again, friends. Last week we completed the speaking section of PTE academic. To make your understanding simpler, we published 2 blogs about PTE Speaking Test. If you have not read those blogs, please read  the1st blog about speaking and 2nd Blog about speaking). This week we will give you an introduction to the PTE Writing Test.

Writing Text

pte, writing test, pte writing test, pte exam, good to excellenceIt has two kinds of questions, namely (i) summarize written text, and (ii) essay. First, we will look at summarizing written text. Good To Excellence is Pearson recommended training institute for preparing PTE academics exam. If your interest is to appear for this exam, it is good to read our earlier blog article “What PTE exam is about” (http://goodtoexcellence.com/what-pte-exam-is-about/). You can contact us and schedule your joining.

Summarize Written Text

In this type of question, you will typically get a passage of about 300 words. There may be 2~3 tasks. The time given is 10 minutes for each question. you must make use of the time to accomplish the task. Therefore, your testing is on your ability to read understand the main points and write the summary in 5~75 words but in a single sentence.

How we train you

This task is a little challenging as the summary has to be written in a single sentence. We give you practical and positive tips on how to connect different ideas and give you words and phrases to write in a single sentence. We also train you to manage your time more efficiently.


You may get one or two essays. Time allotted for each is 20 minutes in which you think, plan and write an essay. The word limit is 200~300 words. There are different kinds of essays. Therefore, your assessment is on various factors such as content, coherence, vocabulary, grammar, word count, sentence structure, spellings, etc. if you are not good at spellings now is the time to improve if you are planning to take the test. Both American and British spellings are accepted. However, you need to stick to one style throughout the test.

How we train you

Our training will prepare you to organize your essay coherently and also to think, plan and write keeping in mind the assessment criteria. We give you phrases for various functions in the English language which will help you to construct sentences for effective writing. Approach to each kind of essay is different. We help you to identify the kind of essay and use the right approach. We are sure you now know the basics of attempting a PTE writing test. With that, we have come to the end of writing skill which is the end of section 1. Our plan for next week is to introduce you to the reading section. Till then, bye bye and have a great week and weekend. — Bina Biliya

Preparing for PTE Speaking Test (part 2)

Preparing for PTE Speaking Test (contd)

This week we are going to look at the rest of the questions of the PTE speaking test. But before that let’s look back at our earlier articles. pte, pte exam, speaking test, good to excellenceGood To Excellence is Pearson recommended training institute for preparing PTE academics exam. If your interest is to appear for this exam, it is good to read our earlier blog article What PTE exam is about. Last week we took you through the first three questions of the speaking test of PTE academic. If you missed reading that article, you should first read Preparing for PTE Speaking Test before reading this article. Now, let’s cover rest of the questions of the speaking test.

Re-Tell Lecture

Here you listen to a lecture of about one – one and a half minutes. Once the microphone opens, you have to give a summary of the lecture in 40 seconds. This question type tests your ability to identify the main idea and the supporting ideas of the lecture. This is a mini presentation.

How we train you

We teach you how to identify the main and the supporting ideas. We also give you clear tips on note taking which is an important aspect of PTE test. This takes a lot of practice. We train you to organize your speech coherently.

Answer Short Questions

This question type tests your general knowledge. You are asked a question sometimes accompanied by a picture. You do not need to answer in full sentences. Just one-word answers are accepted.

How we train you

We give you definitive tips on improving your general knowledge. You also have access to our question bank.

Summary of PTE Speaking Test

That brings us to the end of the speaking section that tests your ability to reproduce what you have seen or listened to, under the time constraint. Your scoring happens on content, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and oral fluency. How do I develop my speaking skills you might ask. Well, you could improve your English by using the language as much as possible. Look out for opportunities to speak in English. It is only with the use of the language does the fluency improve. This is one of the reasons why the language test results are valid only for two years. If you are not in constant touch with the language, you tend to forget it. So our advice to you is to keep speaking in English. We will bring you one more skill next week. Have a great week. Bye bye till then. — Bina Biliya

Preparing for PTE Speaking Test (part 1)

Hello again. As promised we are back again with question types of PTE examination. If you want to know about what PTE exam is, please refer to our earlier post HERE. First of all, let us have a look at the speaking test, shall we?

PTE Speaking Test

pte, pte exam, speaking test, good to excellenceOne important thing you must remember throughout the speaking test is that you should not take a pause of over 3 seconds or else the microphone will close, and you will not be able to answer the questions. The first question in the speaking test is the introduction which is not assessed. This is mainly for the universities to get to know the students. Here you will be asked to introduce yourself and talk about your interests, why you want to study etc. You can choose one or more of the options given and prepare for 30 seconds and speak for 30 seconds after the microphone opens. The assessment starts with the next question that is –

Read Aloud

In this question type, a passage appears on the screen. You have 40 seconds to read and 40 seconds to speak. There are 6 or 7 questions of this type.

How We Train You

Pronunciation and Oral fluency are what is under test in the speaking test. We train you in sentence stress, give you tips on how you can maintain fluency and also tips on intonation. We give you a lot of practice in reading if that is what you need to improve.

Repeat Sentence

The next question is repeat sentence. You listen to a sentence of 10~12 words. Then you repeat it exactly as you heard it. Thereafter you will get 10~12 such questions. Some students find it a little challenging.

How We Train You

We give you definitive tips on different ways of remembering the sentences.

Describe Image

In this question type, you get an image on the screen. It could be any kind of graph, a picture or a scenery, you get 25 seconds to read the image and 40 seconds to describe it. There will be 6-­‐7 of these questions.

How We Train You

You are expected to use specific words and phrases to describe it. We give you the language that you should use for this and the structure that you should be following. Our next blog will deal with the rest of the questions of the speaking section. Adieu till then. — Bina Biliya

We are hiring!

We are hiring!

We are hiring trainers – experienced as well as aspiring. Training is a wonderful field where one gets to train others, work closely with students and see them make progress.  As the famous old saying goes –
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
That’s what we trainers love to do. We train and prepare them for finest skills in language and soft skills so that they carry with them a lifetime of learning. ielts, pte, toefl, english, we are hiring, trainer, job, good to excellenceWe are expanding our operation, therefore we are now hiring trainers. Working with us is fun! Working with us is also satisfying. Working with us is flexible and rewarding! We are looking for people who are good in English – all round English. If you have experience, we shall train you in IELTS, PTE or Advanced English training course. If you are aspiring to be a trainer, certainly you will love working with us. We shall train you such that your student will respect you for your training. So, if you are interested, write to us at welcome@goodtoexcellence.com with your resume and we shall get back to you. Let’s discuss face to face and start a challenging work together! Apply now! Write to us.

What PTE exam is about?

What PTE exam is about?

PTE, PTE exam, What is PTE, PTE Training, Good To Excellence, BTM, BangaloreMany of you are looking for opportunities abroad or to continue your education in other countries. To achieve that dream you need to appear for either PTE or IELTS exam. So we have a series of blogs to take you through the exam pattern. Lets first see what PTE exam is about? We will also give you information on how we prepare you for it. First of all, let us see what PTE exam is about. To know about our PTE training course, you can click HERE.


This exam tests your ability to survive in an English speaking country in social and academic situations and tests you on all four skills namely, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening in that order. It is an online test lasting about three hours.


To book your exam you need to go to pearsonpte.com and create a Pearson account. You will receive an email with your login details. Using that you can choose your location and book your test date. When you book make sure your name is exactly as it is in your passport. This is very important. We have seen cases where candidates were not allowed to take the test as there was a slight difference in the name. It is better to book in advance to get the location, date and the time slot of your preference.


The best part of PTE is that you get your results within 5 days. However, most of the time it is in your mailbox within 24 hours. You get an email giving you a link where you can access your results.


Each skill is for 90 marks. You also get an overall score out of 90. Apart from that PTE exam is also to assess you  on enabling skills as well which are grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse. This is only for your reference to see what the areas of your improvement are.


First of all, relax. Plan to be at the test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Take your original passport with you. Once you reach the center register and handover your passport. They shall give you a locker key. Keep all your belongings including your watch in the locker. You are not allowed to carry anything into the examination hall except for the locker key. Your biometrics and photograph are taken and you are allotted a system. The centre shall give you an erasable notepad which you can use to take notes. You can ask for more if you run out of pages. Await the next blog for details of the question types of PTE exam. Have a good day. — Bina Biliya